Cambodia sets its sights on finally being free of landmines
“Agenda 2030 is a complex agenda and there are no easy fixes. There are significant trade-offs – and the elephant in the room is the trade-off between a generation of jobs and protection of the environment.” says Nik Sekhran, Director, Sustainable Development, UNDP
The first tsunami drill at schools in the Solomon Islands mobilized nearly 400 students and teachers, testing the schools’ emergency management plans and newly constructed evacuation routes.
Abdalaziz Alhamza from 'Raqqa is Being Slaughtered Silently' featured on our ExtremeLives series, talks about his own groups struggles to expose the tyrannies of life under ISIS.
The United Nations Development Programme, launched a new ‘impact fund’ that aims to raise over US$100m from private investors willing to back profitable ventures that create positive social and environmental impacts in Bangladesh.
Move to higher ground, and move further inland. It makes perfect sense to most people as it appeals to our basic instinct to move further away and out of reach of danger. But in the Maldives, where I live, these instructions leave people more confused than confident, and can cost lives.
The vast majority of transgender people across the region are unable to obtain any official identification documents.

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An earthquake shattered millions of lives in Nepal, UNDP is working to help people recover and rebuild stronger.

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