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NEWS | 11 Years After Deadly Tsunami, Simbo Island in the Solomons Welcomes Emergency Evacuation Drills in Schools 

20 April 2018: Eleven years after a local tsunami, caused by an 8.1 magnitude earthquake, devastated Simbo Island in the Western province, an evacuation drill was conducted in the schools to test their tsunami preparedness. A total of 370 school children, 23 teachers and community observers benefited from the drill in terms of improved tsunami preparedness and a new evacuation route. Read more >>


BLOG | Diversified Drill, One Wish

19 April 2018: Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar". One student kept repeating this phrase into the microphone during the tsunami evacuation drill, we recently held in Aceh, Indonesia. I was wondering, why?" writes Tsubasa Enomoto, United Nations Volunteer and Disaster Risk Reduction Project Officer in UNDP Bangkok Regional Hub. Read more >>



NEWS | Tsunami Drills Encourage Students to be Aware of the Impacts of Natural Disasters

09 April 2018: More than 600 students in Alotau and Kokopo are the first to participate in tsunami evacuation drills in Papua New Guinea. The schools were selected based on their vulnerability to earthquakes and tsunamis. Read more >>



NEWS | 750 Students Participate in Tsunami Evacuation Trainings in Timor-Leste

09 April 2018: Over 750 students in Timor-Leste received training on tsunami evacuation and first aid in efforts to strengthen the preparedness of schools for natural disasters. UNDP tsunami drills were held in five primary schools situated at less than 500m above sea level across Timor-Leste. Read more >>



NEWS | Damaged by the 2004 Tsunami, Sri Lanka Brings Tsunami Education and Evacuation Drills to Schools

03 April 2018: A series of tsunami drills was kicked off today in Galle, Sri Lanka to raise awareness about the tsunami risks and importance of schools’ tsunami preparedness. The first tsunami drill mobilized 2,500 students of Vidyaloka Madya Maha Vidyalaya school. Read more >>



NEWS | Disaster Preparedness Campaign in Viet Nam Reveals Winners of the Drawing Competition

02 April 2018: The disaster awareness and preparedness campaign “Schools of Son Tinh” announced 12 winners of the drawing and painting competition today. Targeting school-age children, the competition attracted over 310 students from Ha Noi, Hue and Ho Chi Minh City. Read more >>



NEWS | Japan Highlights Collaboration with UN Development Programme on Tsunami Awareness

29 March 2018: The success of UNDP's project on tsunami awareness and preparedness in schools, in Asia and the Pacific, is being acclaimed by the Japanese government in a specially commissioned video. Read more >>

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VIDEO | Japan Pledges $1.5 million for Tsunami Awareness and Disaster Risk Information in Asia-Pacific

10 July 2017 - Six years on from the Great East Japan Earthquake, the Government of Japan has committed funding to UNDP to improve disaster risk information and carry out tsunami-awareness programmes in schools across the Asia-Pacific region. Read more>>



VIDEO | World Tsunami Awareness Day Builds Resilience Against Disasters

03 November 2017: “The most important aspect of disaster reduction is awareness of tsunami risks, and proper response measures among as many people as possible, particularly younger generations,” said Ms Satomi Okagaki, Senior Deputy Director, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Government of Japan. 
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students, teachers and members of school administration have participated in the drills

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