Using blockchain to make land registry more reliable in India

The word blockchain often conjures up thoughts of cryptocurrencies, of people dabbling in a seemingly dark art, making tens of millions of dollars.…

Innovation Behind the Wheel

Our journey is the story of taking a GEF funded project for fuel cell buses and scaling it up, introducing the hydrogen economy across several cities in China.  

Tourists in Mongolia Get a Nudge to Litter Less in Nature

The latest statistics from the local government database show that around 120,000 Mongolians and more than 20,000 international tourists visited the park in 2016. And those numbers are rising by…  

What have we learned applying the SDG interactions framework?

In a post last November, the Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI) presented a framework for assessing interactions between the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to help countries can design more…  

How to program for uncertain results? The innovation journey of the Pacific Risk Resilience Programme

Innovations are driven by risk-takers. Part of UNDP’s role in innovation is to provide the space for risk-takers to develop and test their ideas. And it turns out that sometimes these are not…  

Shelter From the Storm: Why Flood and Storm Resilient Housing Is Key to Sustainable Development in Viet Nam

Typhoon Damrey ripped through central Viet Nam. More than 100 people lost their lives, while more than 130,000 homes were damaged.  

SDG Implementation: from Policy Dilemmas to Smart Prioritizing

Supporting Policy Coherence for Accelerating Progress Towards the 2030 Agenda took place in Manila, 2–4 October 2017.  

Agenda 2030 – The Challenges and the Opportunities

Agenda 2030 is a complex agenda and there are no easy fixes. There are significant trade-offs – and the elephant in the room is the trade-off between a generation of jobs and protection of the…  

The 2030 Youth Force - One Year On

Forging partnerships with indigenous peoples to address climate change

For most of human history, nature has been our class-room. We are a travelling species, inquisitive from the outset. The songs of birds have shaped the myths of the rainforest-dwelling peoples of…  

For life on land, protecting life below water

The marine ecosystem, critical to everyday island life, is under grave risk. Coral bleaching affects fish habitat that in turn impacts food supply and peoples’ income. Bleached and damaged reefs can…  

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