Using blockchain to make land registry more reliable in India

The word blockchain often conjures up thoughts of cryptocurrencies, of people dabbling in a seemingly dark art, making tens of millions of dollars.…

Innovation Behind the Wheel

Our journey is the story of taking a GEF funded project for fuel cell buses and scaling it up, introducing the hydrogen economy across several cities in China.  

Tourists in Mongolia Get a Nudge to Litter Less in Nature

The latest statistics from the local government database show that around 120,000 Mongolians and more than 20,000 international tourists visited the park in 2016. And those numbers are rising by…  

How to program for uncertain results? The innovation journey of the Pacific Risk Resilience Programme

Innovations are driven by risk-takers. Part of UNDP’s role in innovation is to provide the space for risk-takers to develop and test their ideas. And it turns out that sometimes these are not…  

Youth Must Be Heard

Across the Solomon Islands, youth say they feel disadvantaged, disempowered, and many suffer from low esteem. While they have the passion and the ideas to make a difference, they at times feel blocked…  

Reach for your bootstraps

The Social Good Summit kicked off the first of a series of networking events and Innovation Labs to co-create, ideate, prototype innovative solutions to Timor-Leste’s most intractable challenges.  

Transition to Non-Oil Economy in Timor-Leste

Timor-Leste’s development since achieving independence in 2002 is quite remarkable for such a young country. The Human Development Report 2015 indicated that the country’s Human Development Index was…  

#RBFSingapore: How to Achieve SDGs in Papua New Guinea?

Eradicating poverty in all its forms requires us to think and act in new ways beyond the ‘normal, business as usual’. If governments, development partners - including the United Nations system, and…  

From Global Goals to Local Progress? Lessons from 15 Years of Practice

In 2015, world leaders set out to defy the odds, committing to achieve 17 ambitious and far-reaching Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by 2030. This was not the first time the world had attempted…  

Why more tigers in India is good news for us all

My first encounter with a wild tiger was pure drama. I was on safari in India’s Nagarhole National Park and only a few minutes into our game drive, the forest erupted into bedlam.  

For innovation to work in development, keep calm and rock the boat

Stale ideas, like status quos, have strong survival instincts, rooted in our own limitations. It’s a tough fight. But make no mistake, it’s also the good fight.  

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