Using blockchain to make land registry more reliable in India

The word blockchain often conjures up thoughts of cryptocurrencies, of people dabbling in a seemingly dark art, making tens of millions of dollars.…

Laws and policies that protect rather than punish are what’s needed in Asia-Pacific HIV response

Today, on this World AIDS Day 2018, it is important to acknowledge the positive changes that we are seeing in the Asia-Pacific region regarding the legal and policy environment for HIV and to continue…  

Three Ways the Private Sector Can Advance LGBTI Rights and Inclusion

The private sector is the bedrock of the modern global economy. So, when businesses take a firm stand on human rights and go beyond just lip service, people sit up and take notice.  

More needs to be done to reduce disaster risks and increase preparedness

The heart-rending pictures and videos from the earthquake-tsunami disaster in Sulawesi, Indonesia brought back the shock and pain of the Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami disaster of 2011 and…  

Humanizing a terrorist

For violent extremist rehabilitator Ahmad el Muhammady, we need to try to understand the people behind terrorism.  

Plastic in Paradise: why the SDGs matter in the Maldives now more than ever

Once every so often the Maldives makes the international news. With presidential elections taking place this week, it is about that time again.  

Between celebration and commemoration: Thai artist Pinaree Sanpitak on the significance of the N-Peace trophies

World renowed Thai conceptual artist Pinaree Sanpitak shares her thoughts on the philosophical crossovers between art and advocacy in relation to the N-Peace awards. She has actively supported the…  

In an age of instant gratification, there’s still time for impactful storytelling

Mailee Osten-Tan, our regional Communications Consultant for the Creators for Change initiative with YouTube, discusses how online influencers are promoting positive social change.  

Time to end the global ‘Book Famine’

I must have been 6 or 7 years old when my mother suddenly took a detour on the way to church one sunny Sunday morning. It was to escort a lady with a white cane. This was my first encounter with a…  

Improving informal justice in Afghanistan

Suparva Narasimhaiah is an IC on Traditional Justice / Informal Justice supporting the AA2J project at the UNDP, CO Afghanistan.  

Calling on companies: The private sector must take on greater role to advance LGBTI inclusion

UNDP Bangkok Regional Hub's Patrick Haverman shares his experience of participating in Pride and Prejudice - a global conference examining the economic and human costs of discrimination against the…  

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