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For innovation to work in development, keep calm and rock the boat


Stale ideas, like status quos, have strong survival instincts, rooted in our own limitations. It’s a tough fight. But make no mistake, it’s also the good fight. ... Read more

For Asia and Pacific, stronger civil society voices could be key to Post-2015 challenges

We need not only to help strengthen civil society’s capacities to deliver on the new SDGs, but to ensure that countries develop the right enabling environment for them to do so. UNDP Bangladesh Photo

Precisely because of civil society’s role in representing the interests of the poorest, most marginalised and excluded groups, its role seems more urgent than ever before in every aspect of a new agenda which seeks to ensure that no-one is left behind, whether in terms of access to health and education, a better environment and more effective action against climate change, and gender equality. ... Read more

The future is made in China


The potential benefits of predicting future innovations can be felt in fields from healthcare to transportation to banking. Discovering and mapping new ideas and innovations can yield effective solutions to the persistent deprivations as the world prepares to adopt a new set of development challenges.... Read more

The poor by any other name

Making invisible urban poverty visible will be the first step to tackling it, to building more inclusive, sustainable societies. Photo: Christine Zenino [CC BY 2.0]

What urban poverty studies in Viet Nam might tell us about the changing face of Asian poverty... Read more

Standing up, being counted in Ireland

On May 24th Ireland became the first country to legalise same-sex marriage by popular vote. Photo: Jensen Byrne

Watching people dissect your value and equality as a human being, your capacity to love and the depth of your romantic relationships takes a psychological and emotional toll. For me and my friends this was the first time in our lives that LGBTI identities were so thoroughly discussed in public.... Read more

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