Reflections on ‘Portfolio Sensemaking’—what we learned at UNDP Lao PDR

After spending 2.5 days making sense of it all, in a Sensemaking workshop, I have come to the conclusion that the whole can be bigger than the sum of its parts.  

The Future is Asian, but Corruption Keeps it Mired in the Past

The Asia-Pacific region continues to be the most dynamic of the global economy with sustained economic growth, investment and trade. This represents a tremendous opportunity to improve the lives of…  

The Beauty and the Challenges of Samoa

We want what the people of Samoa want, prosperity, peace and a planet that can sustain present and future generations.  

Islamic finance going digital: Blockchain as a tool to catalyze multi-billion Waqf for SDGs

By 2020, the global size of Islamic finance is projected to reach a whopping level of US$3 trillion, coincidentally equaling the size of the global annual gap in Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)…  

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