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Improving information justice in Afghanistan

Suparva Narasimhaiah is an IC on Traditional Justice / Informal Justice supporting the AA2J project at the UNDP, CO Afghanistan.  

Asia-Pacific Results Report 2017-2018

This results report highlights just a few of UNDP’s outstanding contributions in Asia and the Pacific over the last year. It shows what counts: transforming people’s lives.  

Calling on companies: The private sector must take on greater role to advance LGBTI inclusion

UNDP Bangkok Regional Hub's Patrick Haverman shares his experience of participating in Pride and Prejudice - a global conference examining the economic and human costs of discrimination against the…  

Moving the needle to leave no young person behind

Anshul Sonak, Intel’s Regional Director (Innovation and Education, Asia) and Youth Co:Lab Champion for Youth Empowerment discusses the need for an innovation-based model of youth development that…  

LDCs gather to advance the operationalisation of the Paris Agreement ahead of COP24

The Least Developed Countries (LDCs) are collaborating to confront the worst effects of climate change. Under the leadership of Mr. Gebru Jember Endalew, Chair of the LDC Group on Climate Change,…  

Crunching Big Data to Save Lives

If we are to save lives and prevent huge damage to economies, it is critical to identify the most vulnerable populations and communities. This is where data is vital. Information about Asia Pacific’s…  

Report details workplace discrimination faced by LGBTI people in China, the Philippines and Thailand

According to a new United Nations study, high levels of LGBTI people – 21 percent of respondents in China, 30 percent in the Philippines and 23 percent in Thailand – reported being harassed, bullied…  

UNDP, Google join forces with Asian YouTubers to challenge extremism online

The ‘Creators For Change’ initiative will see participants working with UNDP experts to learn more about online extremism, hate speech, unconscious bias, fake news, cyber bullying, and intolerance.  

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