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Cooperation between Countries Paves the way to Prosperity

To tackle development’s toughest challenges we must work together, and share resources, expertise, and knowledge  

Minds at the margin are not marginal minds

Incredible richness of local innovations are continuously flourishing on the edges. These innovations are often overlooked and flagged as marginal.  

Working on the engine—using portfolio sensemaking to accelerate learning

This post recaps what we’ve learned so far on how the process can be used to accelerate learning — and ultimately accelerate the effects of what we do as a development agency.  

Plastic habit: Reducing waste with behavioral insights in Solomon Islands

As Honiara’s population of about 88,000 grows, the city’s waste will likely continue to stress infrastructure and the environment to new extremes.  

Finding home in a Maldives that never trends on Instagram

Departing United Nations RC and UNDP RR Shoko Noda reflects on her four years in the atoll nation.  

My solo ride on the subway

Public transit is often where women, and men, are harassed or assaulted for the first time. Susie Marie from UNDP Asia Pacific's Gender Team considers how we might make public spaces more inclusive.  

Dressed for Equality

Luciana Arlidge of UNDP Asia-Pacific's Gender Team shares her reflections on gender norms and the power of feminist movements.  

Accelerator Labs: the challenge of engaging the mothership

In this post, we share our current thinking, based on the hypotheses that the best way for labs to accelerate impact is not to create new projects at the edge, but to engage with what is already in…  

Laws and policies that protect rather than punish are what’s needed in Asia-Pacific HIV response

Today, on this World AIDS Day 2018, it is important to acknowledge the positive changes that we are seeing in the Asia-Pacific region regarding the legal and policy environment for HIV and to continue…  

Three Ways the Private Sector Can Advance LGBTI Rights and Inclusion

The private sector is the bedrock of the modern global economy. So, when businesses take a firm stand on human rights and go beyond just lip service, people sit up and take notice.  

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