• Budgeting for a Greener Planet

    This assessment of climate change finance accountability aims to understand progress to date in establishing accountability systems for climate change finance, draw lessons, and guide actors — both global and domestic — on entry points to strengthen systems.

  • City Enabling Environment Rating

    The City Enabling Environment (CEE) Assessment is an attempt at understanding “enablers” and “actors” which will underpin the transformation of 21st-century cities addressed to issues of human development, quality of life, protection of the environment, and mitigation and adaptation to the adverse impacts of climate change.

  • ASEAN-China-UNDP Financing the Sustainable Development Goals in ASEAN

    This report highlights recommendations about how countries could strengthen the policies and institutional structures that govern their approach to finance, and specific steps to mobilize and maximize the impact of finance on the Sustainable Development Goals.

  • Tackling Integrity Risks in Government Contracts

    This Guidebook is designed as a practical methodology to help countries diagnose integrity risks in the public procurement system and processes, as well as to indicate proper actions to mitigate them.

  • Governance & Peacebuilding Annual Report 2016

    This report highlights the results and major activities of the BRH Governance and Peacebuilding Team in 2016 in all its varied areas of work.

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