A Capacity Assessment of CSOs in the Pacific

Published on 15 Nov 2012


A Capacity Assessment of CSOs in the Pacific is the first of a set of three publications that resulted from a capacity assessment study conducted under the facilitation of the UNDP Pacific Centre, to assess existing capacity and needs of the civil society organizations (CSOs) in the Pacific. The report presents the overall findings of the study. It also presents an overview of the CSO community in the Pacific and a detailed presentation of the methodology that was used in the assessment exercise presents the results of the. It covers a broad spectrum of issues in five areas, ranging from CSO capacity for strategic planning and their infrastructural and internal management systems, to resource mobilisation issues and current capacity development activities. While both strengths and capacity assets are highlighted, the Report’s focus is on capacity deficits (areas of weaknesses). Systemic inadequacies which challenge and impede the overall development and functioning of CSOs are also highlighted.

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