Pacific Handbook on Human Rights Treaty Implementation

Published on 07 Dec 2012


Pacific Island Countries like all other countries, face a series of challenegs in implementing human rights treaties. This handbook aims at addressing both the practical as well as the political challenges that continue to exist. It aims to be a tool for overcoming these challenges for Government officials, policy-makers, civil society actors, traditional leaders, communities, members of Parliament, judges, as well as individuals and groups who promote human rights. It provides practical examples of how Governments, civil society, Parliamentarians and others have helped to realize human rights and how all stakeholders can contribute to the furthering of human rights in the Pacific.

The handbook also discusses the challenges of realizing human rights in the context of cultural values and resource constraints. The region shows compelling and encouraging examples of successful initiatives that have advanced human rights standards and principles. This handbook lists several of these success stories with a view to enhancing knowledge-sharing within and among Pacific Island Countries. These examples also highlight how the implementation of human rights treaties contributes to achieving sustainable development and a dignified existence for all Pacific Islanders: women and men, girls and boys.

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