Environment & Energy

  • Biodiversity for Sustainable DevelopmentBiodiversity for Sustainable DevelopmentUNDP and GEF are delighted to present this publication, which showcases the ground-breaking work that has taken place in recent years in this vast and disparate region to conserve land, water and ocean resources while adapting to climate change, enhancing local capacity, and generating sustainable livelihoods.

  • UNDP-GEF Parks for Development ExhibitUNDP-GEF Parks for Development ExhibitUNDP’s Parks for Development exhibit presents the multiple contributions of protected areas to human wellbeing and sustainable development, highlighting successes from conservation projects around the world, financed by the Global Environment Facility and supported by UNDP. These projects have benefited more than 2,500 marine and terrestrial protected areas and indigenous and community conservation areas, covering 353 million hectares in 102 countries!

  • Achieving Sustainable Energy for All in the Asia-PacificAchieving Sustainable Energy for All in the Asia-PacificThis report investigates the sustainable energy opportunities and challenges in the region in relation to poverty reduction and development. It is produced in line with the United Nations Secretary General’s Sustainable Energy for All Initiative (SE4ALL).

  • National Climate Funds: Learning from the experience of Asia-Pacific countriesNational Climate Funds: Learning from the experience of Asia-Pacific countriesThis discussion paper aims to provide a clear overview of the key issues faced when designing, establishing and managing extra-budgetary national climate funds in Asia-Pacific; and offer some practical examples from countries’ experiences in Asia-Pacific.

  • National Climate Fund Case Study Report: Thailand Energy Conservation FundNational Climate Fund Case Study Report: Thailand Energy Conservation FundThis paper reports the lessons learned extracted from the establishment and management of the Thailand Energy Conservation Promotion Fund (ENCON).

Our Work on Environment and Energy

We work to strengthen capacity, at the local, national and regional levels, to sustain economic growth and progress on human development while achieving environmental sustainability. We support countries to preserve and sustainably use natural assets for achieving sustainable development outcomes, prepare and implement climate resilient development strategies and shift to lower-carbon pathways.