Towards an 'Energy Plus' Approach for the Poor: An Agenda for Action for Asia and the Pacific

Published on 13 Jan 2012


Between 2009 and 2011 UNDP undertook a review of 17 energy access programmes in the Asia-Pacific region. This Action Agenda Note presents a summary of the key conclusions and recommendations, providing guidance for policy makers and development practitioners on expanding energy access in a manner that contributes to poverty reduction. The Note examines complex issues such as enabling policies, diffusion of low-emission energy technologies, financing, institutional frameworks, community empowerment, local entrepreneurship and market development.


The Action Agenda Note attempts to answer the following key questions:


a) What are the common features of energy access programmes and projects that have succeeded in providing access to clean, affordable and reliable energy services to the poor for cooking, heating, lighting, communications and productive uses?


b) What can governments and development partners do to further expand and upscale such programmes and projects?


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