The Trial of Rape: Understanding the criminal justice system response to sexual violence in Thailand and Viet Nam

Published on 29 Nov 2017


This study, the first of its kind in the Asia-Pacific region, seeks to analyze how the varying criminal justice systems in Thailand and Viet Nam respond to reported cases of rape and sexual assault, and to identify the key institutional factors associated with the disposition of cases in these countries. In doing so, the study aims to understand where and how attrition of sexual violence cases occurs and identify strategic entry points for strengthening the administration of justice in this area.  

To address the challenges and to strengthen the criminal justice sector response to sexual violence, the study has identified priority recommendations in the following key areas:

  1. Establishing quality essential justice services for victims that prioritize their safety, protection and support.
  2. Building institutional capacities to transform organizational cultures and create gender awareness and sensitivity.
  3. Promoting comprehensive legal and policy frameworks.
  4. Ensure approaches sensitive to sexual violence survivors are reflected in criminal justice policies, practices and resources.
  5. Developing effective internal and external oversight and accountability mechanisms.
  6. Promoting specialized expertise at all stages of the criminal justice system.
  7. Promoting an integrated and coordinated criminal justice, government and civil society response.
  8. Developing effective monitoring and evaluation mechanisms.
  9. Prioritizing resources, both human and financial, for effective delivery of services.  

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