Being LGBT in Asia: China Country Report

12 Aug 2014


'Being LGBT in Asia' is a regional analysis undertaken by UNDP and USAID together with grassroots LGBT organizations and community activists to understand the challenges faced by LGBT people in eight countries in Asia including China. The release of the China country report is the culmination of the first phase of the programme which aims to build a knowledge baseline of the legal, social, political and institutional environments in which LGBT people live and LGBT organizations operate.

The China country report is the product of two national consultations in August and November 2013 and several months of additional desk research. The report provides a comprehensive overview of the condition of Chinese LGBT people and organizations in terms of laws, policies, cultural and social attitudes, regional variations within China, and government engagement. At the same time, the report documents the challenges faced by LGBT people in education, employment, health, family affairs, media and technology, and community development.

Overall, the goal of the 'Being LGBT in Asia' initiative is to promote understanding of the human rights of LGBT persons, the challenges they face in terms of stigma and discrimination, and to recommend steps toward LGBT-inclusive development policies in programming and policies of the Chinese Government, the United Nations in China, as well as other development partners.​

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