Being LGBT in Asia: Viet Nam Country Report

02 Aug 2014


Being LGBT in Asia: the Viet Nam Country Report provides an overview of LGBT rights in Viet Nam including the effects of laws, policies, media coverage, culture, and social attitudes. The report is based on research, consultations, and the National LGBT Community Dialogues that were held in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City in June 2013. This overview is followed by an examination of the Vietnamese experience of protecting the rights of LGBT people under five different areas: employment; education; healthcare; family affairs; and policies, rights, and laws. Case studies illustrating successes or challenges are included in the relevant sections. The organizational development and capacity of LGBT organizations is also discussed and that section is based on an analysis of a participant survey as part of the Dialogues. The report contains findings and a list of recommendations and action points generated during the Dialogues.

The annexes at the end of the report identify prominent LGBT organizations in Viet Nam, showcase prominent media coverage, and provide a list of laws and policies affecting LGBT people.

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