• APHDR Technical Background Paper 2012/17

    This paper emphasizes the issues of securing energy needs of poor and climate change mitigation emerging as conflicting challenges, and their significance in the Asia-Pacific region in the global context.

  • APHDR Technical Background Paper 2012/15

    This paper examines the current evidence on impact of climate change on water and how this might further translate into impact on access to water and sanitation and how this might affect health outcomes. The second aim of this paper is to examine and develop the concept of water insecurity.

  • APHDR Technical Background Paper 2012/16

    This paper explores available data on the observed and projected linkages between climate change and health in the Asia-Pacific region. It highlights key health risks and vulnerabilities due to climate change and extreme climatic events, including infectious diseases, injuries, and other morbidities. Particular health vulnerabilities of women and girls to climate change impacts, along with other vulnerable populations, are also examined.

  • APHDR Technical Background Paper 2012/09

    The study addresses the variation in adaptive capacity of farmers located in Asian deltas due to different forms of resource availability and institutional governance as well as physical location. The data presented in this paper suggests that adaptive capacity is highly volatile and depends on a vast number of factors and influences even in a general area considered ‘vulnerable’.

  • This paper surveys the evidence on the ways in which economic development and policies aimed at advancing human development have contributed and currently contribute to greenhouse gas emissions and global warming. It also examines the feedback effects that such warming and the resulting climate change can have on growth and human development, especially in the developing countries of the Asia-Pacific region.

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