Asia-Pacific Human Development Report on Gender

Technical Background Papers

  • Mar 20, 2012APHDR Technical Background Paper 2010/08This paper is primarily a literature review, which focuses on: a) the gendered aspects, dimensions and gender impact of rural livelihoods in the Asia-Pacific region; and b) how these aspects and dimensions are (or not) changing; and c) the impacts of these changes.

  • APHDR Technical Background Paper 2010/09Jan 17, 2012APHDR Technical Background Paper 2010/09This paper examines in detail migration processes and feminization of migration in the Asia-Pacific region within the human development framework. It explores particular problems faced by female migrants such as policies hindering remittances, their social status vis-à-vis other migrants, lack of opportunities of collective bargaining and social protection.

  • APHDR Technical Background Paper 2010/10Jan 17, 2012APHDR Technical Background Paper 2010/10This paper explores the gender dimensions of asset ownership. It examines the multitude of inheritance systems and legal provisions existing in the Asia-Pacific region with special reference to the challenges faced by women.

  • Dec 29, 2011APHDR Technical Background Paper 2010/13In recent years, we observe the expansion of the concept of gender to include the range of identities that do not conform to the traditional notions of masculinity and femininity. The original formulation of masculinity and femininity as being socially constructed had taken into consideration the fact that there need not be a direct co-relation between the biological body of any human being and her or his expressions of sex/gender identity.

  • Dec 29, 2011APHDR Technical Background Paper 2010/11The participation of women and girls in armed conflict is far more common than recognized. Women have been embracing revolts, independence struggles, and war in many countries. They are in demand for “support” roles like intelligence, logistics, food, nursing, as well as for combat, bombings and suicide missions.

  • APHDR Technical Background Paper 2010/12Jan 17, 2012APHDR Technical Background Paper 2010/12This paper attempts to provide a gender framework for understanding the right of women and gender minorities to political participation.

  • APHDR Technical Background Paper 2010/14Dec 29, 2011APHDR Technical Background Paper 2010/14An orchestration of multiple forces determines the overall status of women within the justice system of the Pacific Island countries and territories. The law, whether formal or customary, is neither neutral nor gender blind: nor is it legislated or interpreted in a vacuum without reference to the political, economic, religious, social and cultural contexts.

  • APHDR Technical Background Paper 2010/15Dec 29, 2011APHDR Technical Background Paper 2010/15This paper examines the parameters of the legal framework in the countries of South Asia and Iran from a gender perspective. It identifies the fault lines in the de jure position of the justice systems as well as the gaps between the de jure and the de facto positions.

  • APHDR Technical Background Paper 2010/01Dec 29, 2011APHDR Technical Background Paper 2010/01This paper offers an assessment of indices currently used to study gender disparities on a global scale and sheds light on these unresolved questions; what do these indices with gender-differentiated data actually measure? and how valid are these indices?

  • Dec 29, 2011APHDR Technical Background Paper 2010/02This paper presents a critical review of the gender mainstreaming experience in the Asia-Pacific region. It is not the outcome of an academic exercise, but is focused on highlighting the complex issues involved in interpreting concepts and implementing strategies at the field level.

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