Knowledge, innovation and capacity

  • Capacity Development 2011 UpdateCapacity Development 2011 UpdateThe publication presents a ‘recap’ of how the Asia-Pacific Regional Centre Capacity Development Team provided capacity development services to Country Offices and to the Practices, and through them to national clients.

  • Implementing the Paris Declaration in Aid EffectivenessImplementing the Paris Declaration in Aid EffectivenessThe paper provides analysis and offers full transparency and accountability on UNDP’s performance globally. The figures provide a summary overview of UNDP’s performance in 2010 in meeting the targets agreed in Paris in 2005.

  • Private Sector Collaboration in Sustainable Development: Experiences from Asia and the PacificPrivate Sector Collaboration in Sustainable Development: Experiences from Asia and the PacificThis booklet presents the context of PPP for sustainable development in Asia and the Pacific with illustrative good practice examples from three countries: Bhutan, Nepal, and Maldives.

  • Leadership Modules for Asian Young Leaders in GovernanceLeadership Modules for Asian Young Leaders in GovernanceThis manual provides substantive, logistical, and technical contents for delivering the leadership modules, towards effectively strengthening leadership skills of young leaders engaged in governance issues.

  • Institutional Reform and Change ManagementInstitutional Reform and Change ManagementThis note discusses: issue in change management; what we have learnt from organizational change; managing change; and guiding principles for UNDP in facilitating change management standards and certifications.

OUR Work on Knowledge Innovation and Capacity

Through adopting Knowledge, Innovation and Capacity approaches, UNDP helps practitioners effectively align development strategies to local operations, management systems, governance structure and decision support capabilities so that stakeholders and beneficiaries can together adapt to ever changing challenges.