Millenium development goals

  • Asia-Pacific MDG Report 2014/2015Asia-Pacific MDG Report 2014/2015The report Making It Happen assesses the state of progress on the Millennium Development Goals in Asia and the Pacific, and considers how we can move towards the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

  • Asia-Pacific MDG Report 2012/2013Asia-Pacific MDG Report 2012/2013This report presents some perspectives on the post-2015 development agenda as part of the system-wide discussion initiated by the Secretary-General.

  • MDG 1 Case Study Brief no. 6: Tobacco Control MDG 1 Case Study Brief no. 6: Tobacco ControlThis case study brief discusses multiple implications of tobacco use and production on MDG achievement by bringing a case or Myanmar and Bangladesh. It also discusses alternative cropping as solution for health hazards of the tobacco producers and of the environment and producers' income poverty.

  • MDG 1 Case Study Brief no. 5: Towards Food and Nutrition Security in BangladeshMDG 1 Case Study Brief no. 5: Towards Food and Nutrition Security in BangladeshThis case study brief illustrates how a knowledge-based and inclusive approach can create a shared vision of food and nutrition security that results in national policies, and how the shared vision succeeded in fostering investments to support these policies. The Brief also aims to identify factors that contributed to the success of the National Food Policy Capacity Strengthening Programme.

  • MDG 1 Case Study Brief no. 4: Scaling up the Women’s Food Processing Home-industry in IndonesiaMDG 1 Case Study Brief no. 4: Scaling up the Women’s Food Processing Home-industry in IndonesiaThis case study brief discusses the success of women processors group in a remote fishing village in Indonesia. Scaling up the home-made seaweed snack for national retails chains increased their income and created more jobs in remote village. Processed food also helps reducing the vulnerability of the poor to economic, food, and nutrition security as the processed food lasts longer and reaches more distant inland communities where high rates of poverty and malnutrition are observed.


At the international level, UNDP works with the UN family to advance the Global Partnership for Development. At the national level, UNDP works in close collaboration with UN organizations to:

  • Raise awareness of MDGs and advocate for countries and sub-national regions to adopt and adapt MDGs;
  • Provide leadership and UN coordination to develop capacity in countries to assess what is needed to achieve the MDGs, to conceptualize policies and to design strategies and plans. For this purpose, UNDP organizes consultations and training, conducts research, develop planning and information management tools;
  • Provide hands-on support to countries to scale up implementation of initiatives to achieve the MDGs, in areas such as procurement, human resources and financial management;
  • Assist countries to report on their progress.