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We've joined forces with YouTube’s Creators for Change to tackle online extremism by training influential video creators in the region. Through this dynamic, global initiative, some of Asia's most popular YouTube creators will identify new ways to tackle extremist ideologies through messaging on their widely-watched videos. As the first partnership between UNDP and Google-subsidiary YouTube, this represents another marked effort to tackle the region’s biggest development issues by exploring emerging alternative solutions.

Extremism online in Asia

While it has brought about numerous positive changes worldwide, in recent years the internet has also become a key platform for extremists to spread their ideologies. Extremist organisations have proven adept at using social media to expand their following, increase their presence, and create knowledge for potential terrorists.

Merely responding to the influence of extremists online falls short of addressing real issues ordinary people face in their lives. Spaces such as YouTube can offer powerful narratives and information to not only counter extremist content, but to create new ideas and solutions to the on-the-ground challenges confronting societies today, from hate-speech and xenophobia, to discrimination on the grounds of gender, sexuality, or socio-economic background.


In an age of instant gratification, there's still time for impactful storytelling

Young, tech savvy influencers want to make a positive difference to the online space. With over half of millennial subscribers claiming a YouTuber changed their life and with 70 per cent believing that YouTubers influence popular culture, Creators for Change is an exciting opportunity to instigate global social change and promote positive, empathetic voices on the internet. Read our blog

Meet our 2018 Fellows!

By joining the three-month Academy Programme, each carefully selected Fellow will receive funding, mentorship from local NGOs working in the field of their choice, as well as production assistance and skills training from YouTube Ambassadors to create informed, high-quality content to be disseminated on YouTube.



KokBisa, a science-focused, animation channel with 1 million subscribers, will work with the fact-checking anti-defamation NGO Masyarakat Anti Fitnah Indonesia (Mafindo) to create a video educating teenagers about fake news and conspiracy theories. The video will encourage critical thinking and help their audiences to understand how to prevent viral hoaxes.


Achmad Takbiriyantoro from inimasabi, a travel vlog channel with over 16k subscribers, will work on countering extremism with the Maarif Institute for Culture and Humanity – an organisation promoting interreligious dialogue and cooperation. Focusing on rural communities, the project will encourage video as a way to connect disparate communities, promote cultural understanding, and prevent the spread of extremism.


Fergie JNX, a comedy animation channel with over 500k subscribers, will focus on tackling hate speech by working with Sabang Merauke, an inter-regional student exchange program in Indonesia which aims to instil a spirit of tolerance in youth. The comedy video will inform youth about the motivations behind hate speech, its impacts, and how to spread positivity online instead.


Crowdfunding channel Kitabisa has over 59k subscribers. Together with the Wahid Foundation, an organisation that facilitates dialogue and the building of understanding between Muslims and other religions and cultures, Kitabisa will create a video prompting conversations around extremism, and raise funds for Wahid’s Riyanto Scholarship for high school children.


Science-focused education animation channel Ayo Mikir has over 58k subscribers and has proposed a collaboration with the Wahid Foundation, along with SabangMerauke. Their project will involve traveling to several locations around Indonesia to explore tolerance and diversity in everyday life. Following these experiences, a workshop will be held in Jakarta for young people to learn from Ayo Mikir’s travels and hear from experts about how they can counter hate speech.



The Salad Show currently has over 12k subscribers and creates short comic sketches and films. Together with Project Dialog, an organisation that opens up discussions about the socio-political state of culture and religion in Malaysia, the Salad Show’s video will hope to show how racial stereotypes can lead to xenophobia.


Musical entertainment and parody channel Vikarworld will be creating a video to help their 70k subscribers understand why people turn to terrorism, in partnership with the Southeast Asia Regional Centre for Counter Terrorism (SEARCCT). Through composing a rap song and music video, the project hopes to contrast the views of an ordinary civilian and those of a terrorist to explore why people might commit violent acts.



Lifestyle and tutorial channel Namsai Petite Engineer by Tharisala Buddhakhuncharoen has over 72k subscribers and proposes to work with Save the Children and Sex Workers in Group (SWING) to create awareness about gendered social bias and stereotyping. She plans to focus on women from different parts of the country who struggle to achieve with their dreams because of how they are perceived from different parts of the country but focusing on the Southern border provinces of Thailand.


Together with the Association of Children and Youths for Peace in the Southern Border (Luukriang), Abdulhafis Maeyoh from channel MUSLIMITED hopes to create awareness of social bias and the stereotyping of youths from the Southern border provinces. Through a short scripted film reaching 86k subscribers, the project hopes to change public perception of youth and shine a spotlight on how various youth groups are working for social good.

The Philippines


Crisha Uy vlogs about beauty, food, and lifestyle on her eponymous channel with 222k subscribers. She plans on partnering with the Teach Peace Build Peace Movement to explore how language affects our perception of communities. She hopes to create awareness of different accents and languages in the Philippines, focusing on geographic areas with rich linguistic diversity. She will vlog about the negative assumptions and judgements people as a result of linguistic differences to show that every voice has value.


Adi Amor focuses on first-person storytelling on her fashion and lifestyle channel. Her videos have so far amassed over 250k views and she hopes to work together with AIESEC, a non-profit, youth-led organisation that provides young people with leadership training. Through her video, she hopes to shed light on some of the root causes of bullying, talking to young leaders one-on-one about their personal stories and experiences.


Drei Roxas hopes that through collaborating with both the Ayala Young Leaders Alumni Association, Inc. and Teach Peace Build Peace Movement, she will be able to begin a campaign against hate speech. The campaign will work across several social media channels and hopes to show that people can make a positive impact in their communities by looking inward and become more tolerant to difference. After sharing her personal story of change online, Drei will interview other vloggers and youth.

Creators for Change Ambassadors

Hand-picked by YouTube, the Creators for Change Ambassadors are supporting both the national bootcamps and training Fellows throughout the three-month Academy Programme. Find out more about them via their channels:

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National boot camp videos

Photo Galleries

Janina Vela, Creators for Change Ambassador for the Philippines, talked about the responsibility YouTubers have to create valuable support networks for those struggling with bullying, anxiety, and loneliness, while TV host Jules Guiang spoke about social bias. Check out the photos from our Philippines boot camp here.
In Malaysia, we were joined by Ambassadors Nadir Nahdi from BENI and The Ming Thing, who emphasised the importance to sharing honest, compassionate, and humanising stories with video audiences to help cultivate positive online communities. Check out the photos from our Malaysia boot camp here.
Duo Picnicly lead the discussions in Thailand about unconscious bias and social stereotypes, fake news, and the duty social influencers have to check their facts before sharing on their platforms. Check out the photos from our Thailand boot camp here.
It was a star-studded day in Indonesia with YouTubers Gita Savitri Devi and Martin Anugrah from the Cameo Project hosting, actress-come-activist Hannah al Rashid speaking to the Creators about the online hate-speech targetting women, the return of Nadir Nahdi from BENI, and a panel of Cameo Project's Yosi Mokalu, Usama from Duo Hartabah, and Ali Ghifari from Film Maker Muslim. Check out the photos from our Indonesia boot camp here.

Meet the YouTube Creators for Change

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