The Pacific Centre Team

Peter Batchelor, Manager
Fane Cinavilakeba, Executive Assistant

Crisis Prevention and Recovery Team
Karen Bernard, Natural Disaster and Transition Specialist
Janet Murdock, Conflict Prevention and Recovery Programme Specialist
Moortaza Jiwanji, Disaster Risk Management Specialist and Manager Pacific Risk Reduction Programme
Nanise Saune, Crisis Prevention and Peace Building Analyst
Velavela Serukalou, Pacific Risk Reduction Programme Assistant

Democratic Governance Team
Simone Troller, Governance Specialist (Human Rights and Civil Society)
Tony Prescott, Anti-Corruption Specialist
Dyfan Jones, Parliamentary Development Specialist
Anneka Wythes, UNODC Anti-Corruption Adviser
Isikeli Valemei, Democratic Governance Programme Associate
Adelle Khan, Democratic Governance Programme Assistant

Millennium Development Goals Achievement and Poverty Reduction Team
Ahmed Moustafa, Macroeconomics and Poverty Reduction Regional Advisor and MDGs Team Leader
Asif Chida, Regional MDGs Specialist
Ferdinand Strobel, HIV, Health and Development Specialist
Thomas Lynge Jensen, Environment and Energy Policy Specialist
Kevin Petrini, Regional Climate Policy Specialist for Asia and Pacific, Boots on the Ground
Mahezabeen Nisha Khan, MDGs Programme Associate
Samita Singh, MDGs Programme Assistant

Financial Inclusion
Reuben Summerlin, Project Manager and Pacific Financial Inclusion Advisor
Sanjeev Lal, Deputy Programme Manager, Pacific
Jeff Liew, Pacific Regional Sustainable Livelihoods Specialist
Ramanathan Subramanian, Regional Technical Analyst

Integrated Communications and Knowledge Management (iComms) team
Shobhna Decloitre, Communications Specialist, iComms Team Leader
Jennifer Namgyal, Knowledge Management and Gender Specialist
Sheryl Ho, Knowledge Communications Analyst
Setaita Tavanabola, Pacific Solution Exchange Research Assistant

Programme Management and Support Unit
Aminisitai Delaisainiai, Programme Finance Associate
Farzeen Khan, ICT Support Associate
Emi Drikibau, Receptionist/Clerk


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Fax: +66 2 280 2700

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