Focus Areas

Knowledge Products and Services

In a rapidly changing environment where today’s knowledge becomes quickly irrelevant, coupled with the challenge of an ever increasing and overwhelming amount of information, defining appropriate responses is not always easy. Wide-angle ever evolving knowledge approaches, which are participatory, interdisciplinary and multidimensional, are required to address successfully today’s and tomorrow’s challenges and to create sustainable solutions. We believe that easy and timely access to knowledge and collaboration opportunities leads to innovative and sustainable results. More

Innovation Support

The need to look beyond ‘best’ practices that potentially keep us locked into the old paradigm, and to imagine and experience ‘next’ practices that offer step-changes in realizing sustainable development outcomes is increasing. As today’s issue-based challenges cannot always be tackled by thematic-focused approaches, a continuous sharing of information, local knowledge, tools and perspectives is therefore necessary to enable the creation of new ideas, which goes beyond the scope of a single discipline or area of practice. Innovation is the aggregation and transformation of knowledge that focuses on new or improved products, positions, paradigms, processes or services. More

Capacity Development

Developing capacity is a process of growth and evolution which leads to transformations that empower individuals, organizations and societies to achieve their own development goals over time in a sustainable manner. Continuous capacity development is therefore essential to meet the sustainable development and resilience challenges of today, with an emphasis on expanded collaborative and networking capacities across institutional, professional and constituency boundaries; the ‘how’ of capacity development. More