Knowledge Products and Services

In a rapidly changing environment where today’s knowledge becomes quickly irrelevant, coupled with the challenge of an ever increasing and overwhelming amount of information, defining appropriate responses is not always easy. Wide-angle ever evolving knowledge approaches, which are participatory, interdisciplinary and multidimensional, are required to address successfully today’s and tomorrow’s challenges and to create sustainable solutions. We believe that easy and timely access to knowledge and collaboration opportunities leads to innovative and sustainable results.


Knowledge transfer is therefore essential and it is with this continuous exchange that knowledge is being updated and modified to best adapt to the latest circumstances.


We can help you, by using a variety of knowledge tools, approaches and services, to understand, identify valuable knowledge and expertise, leverage, connect, share and expand this knowledge both locally and regionally.


⇒ Within the Asia-Pacific region, the realm of 'practice' knowledge is rich and diverse and through the creation and facilitation of networks and communities of practice, we offer access to local and traditional knowledge for localized solutions in addressing local challenges. The Solution Exchange approach, is supported by KICG and encourages the creation of a sustainable online exchange and learning environment, which has helped individuals and organizations to better share practical experiences, and to devise innovative Climate Change related solutions.


⇒ We support local initiatives by including state-of-the-art knowledge sharing approaches as an integral part of our services;


⇒ The KICG focuses on further capturing and continuously developing the knowledge that is generated within UNDP and between UNDP and our partners by increasing the quality of our networks and partnerships.