How does KICG support implementation?

Through the KICG, you not only have access to UNDP’s knowledge, experience, advice and assistance, but also to our extensive network of country and regional clients and development partners. In turn we can learn from your experiences, connect you with those in our networks which have relevant knowledge and experience and facilitate collaboration with peers. 

Are you...

A policy-maker? You can improve capacities to produce more responsive, relevant policies and programmes, and implement them more effectively;

A front line practitioner? You can face unfamiliar challenges or resolve familiar challenges more structurally with the confidence gained from learning how others in similar situations addressed them. You can also share your own successes and failures for others to learn from your experience;

A donor? You can engage in facilitated development debates and find partners to improve your programme or project designs towards transformative results;

A researcher or academic? You can identify relevant issues for further in-depth exploration and analysis, develop relevant curriculum, assess your capacity needs and find colleagues to collaborate with, inform programs and help practitioners identify trends;

An interested professional? You can validate and multiply the value of your contributions, build capacity by continuous learning and connecting with others, share your questions and knowledge and gain recognition.

A private sector expert? You can identify business opportunities and build partnerships by engaging your expertise to address development challenges and contribute to social good