Strengthening governance and service delivery in Aceh Province, Indonesia

KIC scoping processes entail multi-stakeholder consultations and interactive discussions.

The Aceh government is facing important challenges in governance and service delivery within a context of disaster recovery, post-conflict, and a simultaneous move towards a stable democracy. In 2010, UNDP was requested to provide comprehensive support to the Aceh Provincial Government for strengthening its capacity through conducting a Capacity Development Needs Assessment and Capacity strengthening exercise.

The Scoping process included a multi-stakeholder consultation workshop, focus group discussions, as well as key informant interviews. These interactive processes revealed weaknesses in internal and external coordination mechanisms, and difficulties in tackling a variety of development issues at the provincial level. Based on identified capacity gaps, UNDP conducted a Capacity Development Training of Trainers (ToT) as a hands-on approach to learning on the UNDP Capacity Assessment methodology, which resulted in Government agencies developing and applying self-assessment frameworks, as well as in developing Capacity Developing Strategies and Plans. 


  • The Government of Aceh is facing important challenges in governance and service delivery.
  • Through the Scoping process, the capacity gaps are identified, and training is provided on Capacity Assessment methodology
  • The Government is now better equipped to conduct Capacity Assessments and develop specific Capacity Development Action Plans

The Government is now better equipped not only to conduct Capacity Assessments for other departments and agencies, but also to develop specific Capacity Development Action Plans to improve coordination, collaboration and indeed service delivery within the challenging context. Because the self-assessment created high ownership, Aceh Province intents to include the resulting CD Action Plans in the Government’s own strategies and multi-year development plans.

Ensuring that key agencies – such as Planning and Finance – are involved in capacity strengthening processes also generates sustainability of joint action and continuity in the Government’s technical and functional capacity development. This will directly affect development outcomes in Aceh and will make a meaningful difference for the people of Aceh Province.


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