UNDP’s Bangkok Regional Hub is the Secretariat for the Asia Pacific Development Effectiveness Facility (AP-DEF), a country-led regional platform, chaired by the Government of Bangladesh, which supports countries to implement their national agendas on development finance and cooperation. The Facility is a platform for regional dialogue, cooperation, and sharing of country knowledge and experiences. It is responding to the growing demand from countries in Asia Pacific to establish evidence and analysis, and introduce policy and institutional reforms for managing the increasing complexity of domestic and international sources of finance for development.

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Financing the SDGs

Featured Publications

  • ASEAN-China-UNDP Financing the Sustainable Development Goals in ASEAN

    This report tells the ASEAN region’s story on how the scale and mix of financing in the region is changing, what challenges and opportunities await and linkages with Chinese financing flows into the region. It highlights recommendations about how countries could strengthen the policies and institutional structures that govern their approach to finance, as well as specific steps to mobilize and maximize the impact of finance on the Sustainable Development Goals. more 

  • Development Finance Assessment and Integrated Financing Solutions

    This Brief has been developed to provide an overview to decision makers who wish to develop a more integrated approach to implementing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Using the concept of an Integrated National Financing Framework (INFF), a Development Finance Assessment can help countries identify areas for strengthening their management of financing for the SDGs with Integrated Financing Solutions. more 

Our Services

  • Financing the SDGs in Asia-Pacific

    UNDP is scaling up approaches to finance the SDGs and offer strategic services to managing, mobilizing and channeling financing for the SDGs across public and private sectors. This Brief lays out some examples of progress across the region, where countries are mobilizing finance from actors beyond the government, and shaping policies conducive to sustainable, inclusive development of the private sector and civil society. more 

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