Challenges in Asia and the Pacific

 A family of farmers plowing a field in Bangladesh. The poor family has no bull or machines to level the field for cultivation. Photo: Kazi Arifur Rahman/UNDP Picture This

UNDP ensures inclusive and effective democratic governance by advocating, advising, fostering impartial spaces for dialogue, achieving consensus and building institutions.

UNDP helps governance institutions in countries bring constitutional reforms, organize credible elections, strengthen parliaments, and address policy and institutional options for peace, risk-reduction and development through reconciliation, empowerment and inclusion.

Effective and inclusive governance within the Asia-Pacific region enhances productivity and economic growth and tends to improve human development.9 Conversely, poor governance, including corruption, undermines human and economic development. Within the Asia-Pacific region, governance has shown little sign of improvement over the last decade.


Our Goals


UNDP helps create an enabling environment for all social partners, including civil societies, to grow in strength and contribute towards national development.

Our ultimate goal is to bring effective and equitable delivery of service to citizens -- especially the poor, indigenous and local communities -- and reinforce the rule of law and citizen security through the design of appropriate policy, legal and regulatory frameworks and strengthening of local governance institutions.

We assist in bridging the gap between humanitarian, peacebuilding and longer-term development efforts, helping countries in peaceful settlement of disputes and progress towards democratic governance.


What we do

We support democratic systems to become more inclusive and accountable, and able to meet expectations for participation, services and security. In 2014, our programmes strengthened electoral processes around the world and helped register 18 million new voters.

UNDP’s support to elections focuses on strengthening electoral systems and building democratic societies through encouraging participation, promoting the media, and deepening civic education on the roles and responsibilities of a democratic citizen. Within the Asia-Pacific region, UNDP support led to 16.7 million new voters being registered in 2013. UNDP support to capacity building of election commissions further helped ensure that national and sub-national elections were deemed successful in countries including Pakistan, Nepal and Maldives.

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