UNDP has been driving for innovation in the development arena. We recognise that in an increasingly complex world where development challenges are continuously emerging and changing, there is an urgent need to move away from business as usual and respond with agile and flexible solutions.

From human-centred design to improve service delivery to strategic foresight that enhances planning processes; from innovation labs that incubate and test ideas to behavioural insights and user led designs that create citizen-government feedback loops, our innovations represent the next generation of development solutions. 



Going 'Local' with Public Services in the Philippines

Across the Philippines, public service delivery in small cities and towns faces multiple challenges: it is difficult to access, riddled by red-tape, there is a lack of technology, and poor decision-making... Our approach, a new user-centered model for service delivery: co-design prototypes to fit specific contexts, test them, and eventually scale them throughout the country, while adapting to specific geographic and economic factors. more 

Photo: Fieni Aprilia
Innovative financing for SDGs: Mobilising ummah’s potential to leave no one behind

UNDP Indonesia has explored synergies between many forms of Islamic finance instruments and the SDGs. A step change in the logic of how money flows into real economy is perceived as an urgent need. It is a call for innovative financing towards supporting the SDGs. more 

Staying in touch: How mobile phone apps are transforming post-typhoon house reconstruction in Viet Nam

During house reconstruction effort after typhoon Damrey hit Viet Nam, UNDP and partners adapted existing open source software to connect with the people they serve through an easy-to-learn two-way mobile phone application. more 

Digital Financial Inclusion through Customer Oriented Financial Products

Through SWAPNO, project for digital financial inclusion and literacy for extreme poor women, UNDP tested an e-payment “Government to People” initiative which enabled women on public works employment to receive their wages digitally from established collection points. more 

women's land right
Photo: Ruhani Kaur/UNDP India
Using blockchain to make land registry more reliable in India

Blockchain was first linked to the cryptocurrency Bitcoin, but it is a technology that can enrich the lives of billions of people, in countless ways. more 

Emission Test in China
Emission Test (Photo: UNDP China)
Innovation Behind the Wheel

Our journey is the story of taking a GEF funded project for fuel cell buses and scaling it up, introducing the hydrogen economy across several cities in China. more 

Gorkhi-Terelj National Park
Gorkhi-Terelj National Park, Mongolia (Photo: Javkhlan Ariunbaatar/UNDP Mongolia)
Tourists in Mongolia Get a Nudge to Litter Less in Nature

Gorkhi-Terelj National Park’s popularity is posing a big challenge. The rise in visitors has seen a corresponding increase in littering across the park. So, the question is: can we use a low-cost approach to nudge people to change behaviors. more 

Self-belief, personal motivation, and family support drives women’s engagement in Pakistan’s Tribal Areas

Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA) is Pakistan’s most excluded region – and this exclusion is felt most acutely by women... more 

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