UNDP Asia-Pacific Innovation Fund

 UNDP Innovation Facility Approach

UNDP Asia-Pacific Innovation Fund was launched in early 2014 with the support of UNDP Innovation Facility. By signaling UNDP’s strong commitment to innovation, the Fund has supported prototyping of new approaches to address various development challenges across the region. This has included new ways of looking at development problems, solutions outside of traditional project cycles, partnerships with non-traditional partners, and inclusive and collaborative engagement with citizens that enhances the reach and impact of our projects. 

Through an iterative prototyping process, the Innovation Fund allows for rapid testing and improvement of proposed solutions through feedback loops, which raise the possibility for a fit solution and the impact thereof. It also encourages an inclusive and collaborative approach to project/program design and implementation, as the solutions are co-created with  beneficiaries and stakeholders. Solutions that prove effective are given the support to be scaled up, in tandem with  support for monitoring and communicating  progress throughout.


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