iData Studio

The current model of gathering and collecting data makes it impossible for governments and UNDP to fully understand the issues at hand. Events in the last year alone have dramatically highlighted the limitations of traditional data collection methods – from opinion polls to national statistics. At the same time, a whole new set of data tools is emerging unlocking new opportunities through the use digital technologies and raising important questions in terms of power dynamics and security.


As part of the Innovation Portfolio, the iData Studio is an initiative that focused primarily on exploration of new data approaches and tools that could unlock development solutions in the myriad of data sources.


15 projects from the Regional Country Offices have been selected for inspiration and mentorship of international data experts that will come together at the first iData Studio on March 29-31 in Bangkok.


The 3-day event aims at inspiring and equipping project teams with innovative tools and approaches to data projects that they will implement within the solution prototypes within the 6 months following the iData Studio.  


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