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The current model of gathering and collecting data makes it impossible for governments and UNDP to fully understand the issues at hand. Events in the last year alone have dramatically highlighted the limitations of traditional data collection methods – from opinion polls to national statistics. At the same time, a whole new set of data tools is emerging, harnessing digital technologies that open up intriguing possibilities but also raise important questions in terms of power dynamics and security.


iData Studio Workshop

To address these limitations and to expose country offices to new methodologies of understanding data, UNDP Bangkok Regional Hub will be hosting the iData Studio workshop on 29-31 March 2017 in Bangkok.


What is the iData Studio about?

The iData Studio focuses on the design, development and implementation of data related projects covering: (big) data analytics in specific fields, such as energy, urban planning and development, poverty, DRR, governance, etc.; open data and geo-mapping; other emerging areas, such as data collection through drones, robotics and artificial intelligence.

Crucially, the iData studio makes the case that if we want to make the most of new data sources, we need to pay a strong focus to the social life of data: how data is produced, interpreted and the power dynamics around it. For this reason, the era of big data calls even more strongly for ethnographic work.

The iData Studio is organized with two main objectives and in three parts:

  • Exploring new ways of understanding the world, combining big/open data and ethnography
  • Exploring new ways of acting on problems (by providing people closer to the problem, with the tools to take better decision over time and rapid prototyping)

Part 1: Inspiration: Exposure to the data opportunities for development. Knowing the unknown

Part 2: Learning: Participants will then understand how to go about designing a data project

Part 3: Experimentation: Individual project needs with targeted data tools and mentors



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