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The current model of gathering and collecting data makes it impossible for governments and UNDP to fully understand the issues at hand. Events in the last year alone have dramatically highlighted the limitations of traditional data collection methods – from opinion polls to national statistics. At the same time, a whole new set of data tools is emerging unlocking new opportunities through the use digital technologies and raising important questions in terms of power dynamics and security.  

As part of the Innovation Portfolio, the iData Studio is an initiative that focused primarily on exploration of new data approaches and tools that could unlock development solutions in the myriad of data sources.


UNDP Projects Supported by iData Studio

Malé, the capital of the Maldives, photographed from an airliner (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)
Social Media Encourages Public Transport Analysis in the Maldives

Joining forces with UNDP Maldives and UNDP Bangkok Regional Hub, Pulse Lab Jakarta designed a pair of research projects to investigate urban mobility patterns using origin-destination analysis, and to perform sentiment analysis of public transport using Twitter data in order to better understand people’s commuting experiences from Hulhumalé. more 

UNDP Bangladesh testing mobile-money to deliver social security cash transfers to beneficiaries

UNDP’s Social Security Policy Support (SSPS) Programme in Bangladesh is testing the delivery of social security cash transfers to beneficiaries through bKash’s and Dutch Bangla Bank Limited’s (DBBL) Rocket mobile-money services. more 

Kathmandu City Photo: UN
UNDP Nepal combines data and behavioural science

With the support of the iData Studio at BRH and Innovation Facility, UNDP Nepal discuss their innovative methodology aimed to encourage communities to invest in safer homes from earthquakes. more 


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