Meet the Innovation Ambassadors!


 Innovation Ambassadors gathered together at Sri Lanka. Aug 2015. Photo: UNDP BRH

Championing innovation in Asia and the Pacific, UNDP is testing new ideas in areas such as social entrepreneurship, social impact investments, growing capital markets for social goods, and exploring how technology can tackle stubborn development challenges, and help achieve SDG targets.

We rethink problems and emphasize ‘horizon scanning’ to identify solutions to address a country’s priorities. Our Innovation Champions drive for solutions, challenging development traditions, experimenting with and prototyping new ideas, bringing users into the design process, and seeking collaboration with non-traditional partners. We are now transitioning our champions into “Innovation Ambassadors” so they can improve and apply their innovation skills, as we engage with governments to design the next generation of development solutions.

To find out more about who they are, what innovation is for them, and what projects they've achieved: 


Aminath Shooza

UNDP Maldives

"Innovation is when you care about a problem - so much that you find a solution for it."

Project involved: MakeMyIsland!

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Annamari Salonen

UNDP Bhutan

"Innovation is about testing. Testing your assumptions about what works. Testing your solution with your partners. Testing yourself and your ways of working."

Project involved: Virtual Zomdu

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Cameron Mitchell

UNDP Bangladesh

"Innovation is turning why into why NOT - why not try and change it!"

Project involved: Bus Data for Dhaka

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Fadhil Bakeer Markar

UNDP Sri Lanka

"Innovation is about questions – questioning how we do things, and asking the question, how we can do better."

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Project involved: 

Gina Meutia

UNDP Indonesia

"Creativity is thinking up new things. Innovation is doing new things."

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Projects involved: 

Louise Xi Li

UNDP China

"To me, innovation is like doing the same thing for too long, and the moment you wake up and move, you feel the fresh air."

Project involved: "Baidu Recycle" mobile app for e-trash

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Mahmuda Afroz

UNDP Bangladesh

"Innovation is for every single person, since every single person has the ability to think differently"


Marta Lanzoni

UNDP Bangkok Regional Hub

"Innovation is coming up with new ideas and test it."

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Mereseini Bower

UNDP Bangkok Regional Hub

"Innovation is about anticipating future change and creatively responding to it today."

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Nabeera Rahman

UNDP Bangladesh

“Innovation is about creating better solutions that are cost-effective and addresses problems more effectively.”

Project involved: Inclusive Trade project using micro-narratives as a research tool (website in progress)


Nabina Shrestha

UNDP Nepal

"Innovation doesn't mean inventing new things, it is about changing business model to provide better services to the clients."


Nasheeth Thoha

UNDP Maldives

"Innovation is the creative license to making sure nothing is set in stone"

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Sharmeela Rassool


"Innovation is beyond boundaries, and reinventing and bringing out the Einstein of UNDP."


S N Srinivas

UNDP India

"Innovation is to make significant difference in whatever we do."

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