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Dec 18, 2016: UN-ACT partners with Microsoft to prevent human trafficking from affecting youths

Dec 18, 2016: UNDP Bangladesh Challenge Funds launched (The Independent)

Dec 15, 2016: United Nations Virtual Reality (UNVR) Releases Ground Beneath Her, A Window Into the Continuing Devastation of Nepal's 2015 Earthquake

Dec 7, 2016: BLOG - Social finance: a new frontier for development in Indonesia (LSE Business Review)

Dec 6, 2016: How Makassar will use design thinking to improve transport (GovInsider)

Nov 29, 2016: Step into the reality of a UXO clearance team (UNDP Laos)

Nov 28, 2016: BLOG - UNDP Bangladesh launches YES Crowdfunding Campaign

Nov 23, 2016: UNDP launches report on Internet Philanthropy in China

Nov 16, 2016: 10 Steps to Successful Crowdfunding (UNDP Indonesia)

Nov 16, 2016: PRESS RELEASE - How social innovation can make for 'smarter and kinder' Cities

Nov 14, 2016:"Next Generation Technologies for Empowering People" Workshop Hosted in Bangkok (USAID)

Oct 25, 2016: Top 10 Chinese provinces with highest living standard (

Oct 23, 2016: 210 Youth Applications to Make Bangladesh more Earthquake Resilient (UNDP Bangladesh)

Oct 18, 2016: New tool to assist relief efforts (China Daily)

Oct 18, 2016: Big data guides poverty alleviation efforts in China (People's Daily, China)

Oct 9, 2016: New Jobs for Youth through Mobile Classroom Project (UNDP Bangladesh)

Sep 29, 2016: UNDP, Baoshang Bank to foster entrepreneurship and innovation among youth

Sep 24, 2016: Connectivity has Reshaped the Philanthropy Landscape in China

Sep 20, 2016: Young Innovators Present Ideas to Address Urban Issues (UNDP Indonesia)

Sep 19, 2016: "Connecting today, creating tomorrow" - China Social Good Summit 2016 (UNDP China)

Sep 2, 2016: PARTNER - Celebrating the Wealth of Big Ideas from Indonesia (UN Pulse Lab Jakarta)

Sep 1, 2016: Youth Engagement and Innovation to Promote Sustainable Development (UNDP China)

Jul 21, 2016: Four crowdsourcing projects for public service (GovInsider)

Jul 14, 2016: Eva Celia: Water for Life (Prestige)

Jul 6, 2016: UNDP Bangladesh opens competition to design country's first Earthquake App

Jun 28, 2016: Winners of the Big Ideas Competition for Sustainable Cities and Urban Communities Announced

Jun 16, 2016: BLOG - Lifechanging water pumps in East Sumba (UNDP Indonesia)

Jun 16, 2016: BLOG - Sharing is Caring: Replicating solutions to the global e-waste challenge (UNDP China)

Jun 15, 2016: UNDP partners with HATCH!VENTURES (Vietnam EconomicTimes)

Jun 9, 2016: UNDP, city of Seoul announce new innovation partnership to tackle challenges of Asia’s rapidly growing cities

Jun 7, 2016: PHOTO STORY: International Workshop on E-Waste Management (UNDP China)

May 23, 2016: UNDP Indonesia’s First Crowdfunding Bring Water for Life for East Sumba Meets IDR 350 Million Target

May 19, 2016: WeRobotics Leads Scoping Mission in Maldives with UN and DJI (WeRobotics)

May 19, 2016: UNDP Nepal to support technology development for extraction (MyRepublica)

May 19, 2016: The Future We Want: Foresight for Sri Lanka (DailyFT)

May 17, 2016: BLOG - #2030NOW: Not Your Usual Summit

May 3, 2016: PARTNER - #YouthSpark: Raising Awareness of Trafficking in Thailand (Microsoft)

May 3, 2016: UN launches data contest for ASEAN citizens (GovInsider)

Apr 4, 2016: Actor Reza Rahadian to Make Short Film for UNDP's Clean Water Campaign (Jakarta Globe)

Apr 1, 2016: OPINION - Breaking gender stereotypes: how to make the ‘abnormal’ normal (Original version in svvn)

Mar 28, 2016: PARTNER - Microsoft and partners underline importance of human trafficking issues

Mar 11, 2016: Young filmmakers’ focus: gender equality (Viet Nam News)

Mar 10, 2016: Film about a woman defying her fate takes UNDP award (VN Express International)

Mar 8, 2016: iWomen app inspires poetry (Myanmar Times)

Mar 7, 2016: Youth on bus journey to promote gender equality (Viet Nam Pictorial)

Mar 7, 2016: Film 'overturned' images of women in Vietnam (BBC, in Vietnamese)

Feb 26, 2016: BLOG - Better a good estimate than an empty cell (UNDP China)

Jan 2016: There’s a huge scope for innovation in Nepal: UNDP Deputy Director Kemkhadze (onlinekhabar)

Dec 21, 2015: Maldives - UNDP launches app to report illegal waste dumping (Maldives Independent)

Dec 15, 2015: Parbat farmers, entrepreneurs going online to sell produce (MyRepublica)

Nov 12, 2015: Bangladesh - Now, app to show travel time within Dhaka (The Daily Star)

Nov 4, 2015: UNDP and Baidu Launched Green Alliance to Step up E-waste Recycling Service

Nov 4, 2015: Pacific foresightXchange: Resilience for New Realities (UNDP Global Centre for Public Service Excellence)

Oct 26, 2015: VietNam - Hackathon for Social Good – Competition to create technology innovation for the society (Talk Vietnam)

Oct 18, 2015: UNDP, Glorious Labs announce tech-for-good partnership in Asia-Pacific (UNDP BRH)

Oct 15, 2015: Timor-Leste Social Good Summit 2015 celebrates youth leadership and commitment in support of the Global Goals for Sustainable Development (UNDP Timor-Leste)

Oct 12, 2015: Nepal youth developed innovative mobile applications to rebuild the country at Youth for Reconstruction Appathon 2015

Sep 29, 2015: Smartphone app to turn e-trash into hard cash in China is among winning innovations at global Solutions Summit (UNDP BRH)

Sep 27, 2015: UNDP using apps to fight corruption, pollution in Asia-Pacific (Rappler)

Sep 17, 2015: "Baidu Recycle" selected as one of the winning innovations to be showcased at Solutions Summit

Sep 16, 2015: Strategic Development Plan and Virtual Zomdu Launches (National Council of Bhutan)

Sep 2, 2015: UN Secretary-General Witnesses Unveiling of UNDP-Baidu’s Innovative Solution to E-waste

Aug 20, 2015: Zomdus go virtual (Kuensel)

Aug 19, 2015: Virtual Zomdu launched at the National Assembly (National Assembly of Bhutan)

Aug 19, 2015: Virtual Zomdu, a remarkable history in Bhutan’s parliament: NA Secretary General (UNDP Bhutan)

Jul 24, 2015: UNDP Sri Lanka hosts 32 young trilingual ‘Unlocked’ bloggers (Daily FT)

Jul 1, 2015: "Baidu Recycle" Selected as Semi-Finalists for the Climate CoLab Contest organized by MIT

Jun 15, 2015: Training community centre operators on Virtual Zomdu (UNDP Bhutan)

Jun 15, 2015: Daily FT Partners with UNDP Sri Lanka to Empower Young Voices (UNDP Sri Lanka)

May 20, 2015: 10 ways the UN is innovating (UNHCR Innovation)

Apr 14, 2015: Text dob in a boon in PNG corruption battle (Radio New Zealand International)

Feb 27, 2015: Community based legal rights campaign in Viet Nam (VTV4)

Feb 20, 2015: From gamification to design-thinking, UNDP’s Asia Pacific innovations featured at the UAE Government Summit (UNDP BRH)

Jan 4, 2015: UNDP rolls out project 'Make My Island" (, article in Dhivehi) 

Nov 14, 2014: In a first, UN creates fund to help 'high-potential' social enterprises scale up (devex)

Nov 10, 2014: Mobile phones tackling corruption in PNG's Department of Finance (Radio Australia)

Nov 10, 2014: Global development innovation: Is scale everything? - Interview with Shariha Khalid (Scope Group), Noah Raford (Futurescaper), Rory Gallagher (UK Behaviroural Insights Team), Jonathan Wong (UK DFID Innovation Hub), Nicholas Rosellini (UNDP), Benjamin Kumpf (UNDP) (Video by devex)

Nov 6, 2014: The lingering challenge of innovation (devex)

Nov 5, 2014: Behavior change toward healthier living: What’s new and what works (devex)

Nov 5, 2014: What’s new with the REDD+ program in Indonesia? - Interview with Jon Paterson, technology and systems strategist at the REDD+ (Reducing Emissions through Deforestation and Forest Degradation) agency (Video by devex)

Nov 4, 2014: DFAT innovation hub to open for business soon (devex)

Nov 4, 2014: DfID, UNDP: How senior management can foster a culture of innovation among staff (devex)

Oct 30, 2014: UNDP Innovation Summit: Updating Development in Asia-Pacific (UNDP press release)

Oct 30, 2014: Inspiring innovation to meet development challenges - Op-ed by Nicholas Rosellini, Deputy Regional Director for Asia and the Pacific, UNDP (The Daily Star)

Oct 30, 2014: Noah Raford on the future of drones for social good - Interview with Noah Raford, co-founder and CEO of Futurescaper and adviser on futures, foresight and innovation at the prime minister’s office of the United Arab Emirates (Video by devex)

Oct 30, 2014: Bhutan turns to videoconferencing to help Parliamentarians meet constituents (OpenGovAsia)

Oct 26, 2014: Youth@Work Bhutan – Not all fun and games (Kuensel Online)

Oct 14, 2014: Online game with unemployment theme (Kuensel Online)

Sep 28, 2014: Youth participation in Politics (The Nation, Sri Lanka)

Sep 22, 2014: Mongolia’s Poorest Turn Garbage into Gold (Inter Press Service News Agency) 

Sep 15, 2014: Project seeks to overcome towering mountains (Bhutan Observer)

Sep 2, 2014: UNDP initiates prototype-testing phase of its innovative project ‘Make My Island’ (UN in Maldives)

Aug 18, 2014: UNDP-Baidu Big Data Joint Laboratory Aims to Increase Social Innovation and Tackle Development Issues (Yahoo!)

Jul 30, 2014: Tshogpon takes part in ‘virtual zomdu’ (Kuensel Online)

Jul 24, 2014: PNG Launches Mobile Phone Text Messaging Program To Fight Corruption (Papua New Guinea Today)

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