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Imagine collecting hundreds of data points regarding complex crops and planting seasons with pen and paper from the field, and turning them into data-driven maps and infographics, to visualize data growth or change over time and space - how time-consuming that would be?

DIY-SAM, the Do-It-Yourself Survey Application for Monitoring project aims to make such tasks easier, by providing an easy-to-use tool to digitalize data collection during every survey, and to simplify data visualization afterwards. 

 Screenshot of the DIY-SAM app.


DIY-SAM is an affordable, reliable, and highly scalable survey tool that changes how initiatives and interventions are made. It dramatically improves the accuracy of data collected and analyzed by lowering the margin of error in data collection and data entry and makes it easier to gather, analyze, and share data using a smartphone or tablet.

DIY-SAM was prototyped in partnership with the Akvo Foundation using an existing tool called Akvo Flow. The Akvo Foundation also conducted a training for UNDP staff and enumerators to use the Akvo Flow online dashboard, app in mobile devices, and existing web-based apps such as Google Fusion Table and CartoDB to analyze the data set from the online dashboard.

 Train of Trainers: Classroom learning and out on the field.


After the training, DIY-SAM was used to conduct a survey in Malang, in East Java Province, for a study to understand how farmers are impacted and adapt to Climate Change. There were 200 households interviewed, with over 1,000 questions asked per survey.

This Climate Change Adaptation Survey was conducted as a component of an ongoing UNDP project in Indonesia called SPARC (Strategic Planning and Action to Strengthen Climate Resilience of Communities in Indonesia).


Page last updated: Jan 19, 2016

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