The world is changing fast, and social and technological innovations are advancing at breath-taking speed. But while billions have escaped extreme poverty over the last decades, progress has stalled in many countries. Over the last decade, rapid economic growth has created a number of Middle Income Countries in Asia Pacific, but the region is still home to 871 million people living on less than $1.25 a day. At the same time, the region is meeting new complex and global challenges that have come to the fore, as well as opportunities for creative action to foster sustainable development with green, inclusive and equitable growth.

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Through adopting Knowledge, Innovation and Capacity approaches, UNDP helps practitioners effectively align development strategies to local operations, management systems, governance structure and decision support capabilities so that stakeholders and beneficiaries can together adapt to ever changing challenges.


Our Stories

KIC scoping processes entail multi-stakeholder consultations and interactive discussions.
Strengthening governance and service delivery in Aceh Province, Indonesia

The Aceh government is facing important challenges in governance and service delivery within a context of disaster recovery, post-conflict, and a simultaneous move towards a stablemore 

Photo from UNDP Afghanistan
Bridging the Knowledge Gap Through Dialogue in Afghanistan

After three decades of war and destruction and continuing insecurity Afghanistan faces significant human and development challenges. The lack of skills to develop policies, or implementmore 

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