Environment and Energy


One of Asia and the Pacific’s greatest challenges is sustaining economic growth and progress on human development while achieving environmental sustainability. The region is home to 53 percent of the world's population and some of the world's fastest-growing economies. The combined pressures of economic growth, rapid industrialization and urbanization, climate change, pollution and increasing demand for natural resources make more inclusive and green economic development imperative for the region. More

Our Goals

UNDP strengthens national capacity to address these challenges in Asia and the Pacific at the local, national and regional levels. We support countries to preserve and sustainably use natural assets for achieving sustainable development outcomes, prepare and implement climate resilient development strategies and shift to lower-carbon pathways.more

Helping communities adapting to climate change

UNDP & partners enable communities in Puri district of Odisha, India, to adapt to extreme weather events. The partnership supported Dhokandpur village in establishing a pond to harvest rain water to be used exclusively for drinking water. Photo: Prashanth Vishwanathan/UNDP India more

Our Stories


    In Nepal, a simple solution brings light to rural communities

    “Access to electricity has really changed our lives,” says Kunja Maya Tamang, 40, who lives in Nepal. “We don’t have to depend on daylight to finish our household chores..." more

  • The 2013 drought took a toll on the ecosystems of the Marshall Islands atoll, leaving a trail of damage that will last several years. Photo: UNDP

    Protecting drinking water from droughts and sea level rise in the Marshall Islands

    By the time the government declared a state of emergency last year, the wells had long run dry in the drought-stricken northern reaches of the Marshall Islands, and families had started fleeing towards the capital Majuro. more

  • The cookstove production training provided by UNDP and GERES has allowed Sous Chamroeun to increase her monthly income by almost 50 percent. Photo: Seth Chase

    Women entrepreneurs in Cambodia embracing green growth

    Cooking is essential–and what you cook with, too. In Cambodia, women entrepreneurs are taking up cookstove production, making hundreds of improved cookstoves every month, reducing theirmore

Our Perspective

Vanuatu: at the apex of climate change, disaster risk reduction, and recovery

Tropical cyclone Pam certainly left many scars throughout the town: damaged buildings, one-sided trees, destroyed boats, and broken sea walls all silently speak of the immense power of what had swept through the land and the sea on the evening of 13th March 2015. more

Making conservation count towards jobs and livelihoods

If we are going to preserve global biodiversity, protected areas must make sense to the millions around the world, who rely on natural resources for their livelihoods. more