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A sea change in conserving Malaysia's marine parks

Malaysia’s islands are renowned for their beauty and outstanding biodiversity. Turtles, sharks, rays and reef fish swim in their azure waters, and their sea grass beds harbour the gentle Dugong. The coral diversity here is globally significant, and divers come to marvel at the islands’ 221 species more


Bangladesh counters climate change while improving livelihoods

Many of the coastal communities in Bangladesh are reliant on subsistence agriculture and fishing for their livelihoods. Bangladesh is a country that has a relatively low carbon footprint, yet climate change is having a dramatic effect on the 150 million citizens. Increasing intensity and frequency omore


Conserving traditional crop varieties with modern opportunities in Bhutan

Bhutan’s wealth of national crop diversity underpins the country’s food security.  It also provides genetic resources that may become beneficial and profitable for future use.  Much of this diversity is held in traditionally cultivated varieties of crops, such as buckwheat. However, in Bhumore


Glacial Lake Floods Prevented in Bhutan

The glacial melt waters that sustain hydro power in Bhutan are also a potential source of destruction. Communities in Bhutan’s Punakha-Wangdue and Chamkhar Valleys have been living with the threat of glacial lake outburst floods (GLOF) due to the rapid rate of glacial melting resulting from rising gmore


In Nepal, a simple solution brings light to rural communities

“Access to electricity has really changed our lives,” says Kunja Maya Tamang, 40, who lives in Nepal. “We don’t have to depend on daylight to finish our household chores. My kids can study even in the night. Our income has also increased with improved crop yields.” Creating electricity for the planemore


Protecting drinking water from droughts and sea level rise in the Marshall Islands

By the time the government declared a state of emergency last year, the wells had long run dry in the drought-stricken northern reaches of the Marshall Islands, and families had started fleeing towards the capital Majuro. Located north east of New Zealand, these picture-perfect idyllic islands are smore

Marine park in Malaysia

Swapping fishing boats for tourist ferries in Malaysia's marine parks

“Working only as a fisherman, I had no steady income to rely on,” explains Mayuzi Sidek. He sits on the jetty that is at the centre of community life on Redang Island, Malaysia, where for generations families have earned their keep through fishing. Since time immemorial, each morning the island’s memore


Maldives rainwater harvesting innovation could become model for other island nations

When Nasreena Ahmed was younger, the residents of Ihavandhoo Island in the Maldives could rely on groundwater for bathing, drinking, and cooking. Today that is no longer the case – years of population growth, ineffective sewage systems, and encroaching salt water have made the groundwater unsafe to more


Women entrepreneurs in Cambodia embracing green growth

Cooking is essential–and what you cook with, too. In Cambodia, women entrepreneurs are taking up cookstove production, making hundreds of improved cookstoves every month, reducing their wood consumption and increasing their income. 2,400 kilos of wood Across the world, almost 3 billion people preparmore

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