• The Human Rights-Based Approach to Journalism: Training Manual Viet NamJan 4, 2008
    This handbook forms part of a wider action research project entitled ‘Communicating Human Rights in Vietnam’.

  • Achieving Development Results in Asia and the Pacific 2013-2014Achieving Development Results in Asia and the Pacific 2013-2014Jan 26, 2015
    The report covers results achieved in 36 countries and territories in the Asia and Pacific region. It illustrates UNDP’s support to poverty reduction and conservation of natural resources, strengthening democratic governance, building resilience and responding to crisis.

  • Leveraging Change for Better Lives: UNDP in Asia and the PacificLeveraging Change for Better Lives: UNDP in Asia and the PacificJan 20, 2014
    This publication shows how UNDP has contributed to transformational change in people’s lives in Asia and the Pacific between 2008 and 2012. The achievements show how UNDP uses its downstream experience to inform upstream policy work.

  • Human Development Impact Assessment of Trade Policy: A ToolkitNov 30, 2012
    This toolkit aims to mainstream human development concerns into domestic policy-making through a participatory approach. Through demonstrating the likely or existing effects of a particular trade policy on people’s lives, the HDIA may facilitate a greater understanding among policy-makers of the implications of their decisions while creating awareness of the same among, and support of, Civil Society Organizations (CSOs); and thereby foster greater and more informed debate on those decisions of trade policy.

  • Case Study from Asia in Addressing Human PovertyCase Study from Asia in Addressing Human PovertyMar 1, 2006
    This report shares success stories in the areas of: Employment, Microfinance, Education, Nutrition, Access to Justice and ICT for Development.

  • Microinsurance for Disaster Risk ReductionNov 26, 2009
    This training manual was developed by the All India Disaster Mitigation Institute (AIDMI) based on its long experience on the subject. The Manual covers the following modules: Micro insurance' relevance to CBDRR; Guidelines for developing community driven micro insurance products; and, Assessing Micro Insurance Demand.

  • Communicating Disasters: An Asia Pacific Resource BookJan 4, 2007
    This publication offers a kaleidoscope of perspectives as well as a great deal of practical advice on how to communicate hazards and disasters at inter-personal, inter-agency, inter-sector and public levels.

  • Indigenous Women and Decision-MakingIndigenous Women and Decision-MakingJan 8, 2007
    This training manual focuses on the decision making roles and responsibilities that are an integral part of an indigenous woman’s daily or regular life experience, and has been designed to be contextualized in the community in which it is being applied.

  • GEPMI Module 11 – Gender and FinanceDec 1, 2012
    This module provides an overview of the role of finance, and particularly monetary policy, in development from a gender perspective.

  • GEPMI Module 12 – Good Governance, Public Financial Management and Gender-Responsive BudgetingSep 1, 2012
    This module explains broadly the key characteristics of good governance. It discusses the value of expenditure side and revenue side analysis of budgets and explores the experiences in gender-responsive budgeting in countries in the Asia-Pacific region.