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Rakiraki women vendors model show need for scaling-up women’s economic empowerment

It’s a Thursday morning in the small bustling rural town of Rakiraki and Varanisese Maisamoa is waiting for a bus with two ice boxes to take her to Naivuvuni, a landing where a boat she owns docks at, to collect fish caught during the week. Like clockwork, every Thursday or Friday morning, she waitsmore


Two Multi-Country Programmes Leverage Resources and Partnerships to Reduce Stigma in Health Care Settings in Asia with Support from the Global Fund

The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) is leveraging its role under two multi-country programmes funded by the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria to develop and roll out an innovative training package to reduce stigma and discrimination at health care settings and enhance Hmore


As Typhoon Ruby makes landfall, a year since Haiyan has made a world of difference

UNDP’s has been working for several years with all levels of government and the people of the Philippines in preparing for disasters like Typhoon Hagupit which made landfall on 6th December, to reduce the risks from disaster and to save lives. It is evident that the work put in by the people and themore


The path to peace in Bangsamoro

In early 2014, following 17 years of stop-start negotiations and 150,000 deaths over four decades, the government of the Philippines and the separatist Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) signed a historic peace agreement recognizing the new autonomous Bangsamoro region. For Teresita Quintos Deles,more


Maldives rainwater harvesting innovation could become model for other island nations

When Nasreena Ahmed was younger, the residents of Ihavandhoo Island in the Maldives could rely on groundwater for bathing, drinking, and cooking. Today that is no longer the case – years of population growth, ineffective sewage systems, and encroaching salt water have made the groundwater unsafe to more


In Nepal, a simple solution brings light to rural communities

“Access to electricity has really changed our lives,” says Kunja Maya Tamang, 40, who lives in Nepal. “We don’t have to depend on daylight to finish our household chores. My kids can study even in the night. Our income has also increased with improved crop yields.” Creating electricity for the planemore


Protecting drinking water from droughts and sea level rise in the Marshall Islands

By the time the government declared a state of emergency last year, the wells had long run dry in the drought-stricken northern reaches of the Marshall Islands, and families had started fleeing towards the capital Majuro. Located north east of New Zealand, these picture-perfect idyllic islands are smore

A sea change in conserving Malaysia's marine parks

Malaysia’s islands are renowned for their beauty and outstanding biodiversity. Turtles, sharks, rays and reef fish swim in their azure waters, and their sea grass beds harbour the gentle Dugong. The coral diversity here is globally significant, and divers come to marvel at the islands’ 221 species more


Women parliamentarian candidates in Indonesia eye historic record

As vote counting got underway in the world’s third-largest democracy, little-known Indonesian businesswoman Freeda Mustikasari can almost taste history.  Indonesian authorities have campaigned intensively to boost the number of women politicians in the parliament to a historic all-time high.&nbmore


Afghan youth vote in historic elections

Despite rain and security challenges in many parts of the country, Afghans went to the polls on 5th April in Presidential and Provincial Council elections. The election marks the first time in Afghanistan’s history that power is handed from one democratically elected government to another. Youmore

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