UNDP Asia and Pacific Director Haoliang Xu to visit Papua New Guinea

Aug 1, 2014

Port Moresby

United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) Regional Director for Asia and the Pacific Mr. Haoliang Xu will visit Papua New Guinea on August 3-8 to discuss with country’s leaders how the organization can best continue to help them achieve their development objectives. This will be Haoliang Xu’s first visit to Papua New Guinea since he was appointed in September last year.

“Papua New Guinea has been our important and constructive partner for more than 30 years,” said Haoliang Xu. “I look forward to discussing what next steps we can take together in support of inclusive, equitable and sustainable economic growth.

While in Papua New Guinea, Haoliang Xu will meet with the Minister for Foreign Affairs and Immigration Hon. Rimbink Pato MP, Acting Chief Secretary Trevor Meauri, Acting Secretary of Finance Dr. Ken Ngangan and the Minister for Planning and Monitoring Hon. Charles Abel. He will also be meeting with government officials, development partners, private sector and civil society representatives.

“I commend Papua New Guinea for taking on a leadership role in shaping the future global development agenda by holding post-2015 consultations and by jointly leading with Denmark the preparations for the post-2015 summit next year in New York.”

Haoliang Xu will travel to Milne Bay province where he will visit a training lab which improves the financial management capacity of the provincial Department of Finance.

While in Milne Bay, Haoliang Xu will also meet with representatives from the ‘Phones Against Corruption’ initiative which is piloted by the UNDP country office under the Innovation Fund. Launched last month, the ‘Phones Against Corruption’ tool encourages the general public to anonymously report corruption using their mobile phones.

The UNDP regional director is visiting Papua New Guinea shortly after UNDP launched its 2014 Human Development ReportSustaining Human Progress: Reducing Vulnerabilities and Building Resilience.”  According to the report’s human development index, Papua New Guinea ranks 157th in the world; the longer term trend in its human development shows growth since 1980’s. During Haoliang Xu’s visit a policy dialogue will be held with senior government officials on how the wealth of the extractive industries could support and advance human development.

“Taking a few simple measures such as investing in education for all school aged children, infant and maternal health, and addressing the gender equality could help spur the human development in Papua New Guinea,” said Haoliang Xu.

UNDP launched its operations in Papua New Guinea in 1981. It assists the country’s effort to achieve the Millennium Development Goals, particularly through substantive work in three key areas: democratic governance and community security; gender equality and empowerment; climate change and disaster risk management.


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