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BLOG |  Wave of Hope: How the #90drills in Cambodia Have Created Future Disaster Managers in the Country

13 November 2018: Last week, five students from Sihanoukville — a coastal community in Cambodia — spent several days in Japan learning and sharing tsunami preparedness activities with government leaders and their peers at the High School Summit of the World Tsunami Conference. Year after year, the coastal zone of Cambodia, which is connected to the tributaries of the Mekong River, has become increasingly vulnerable to the risk of hydro-meteorological disaster — the situation is exacerbated by climate change. Read more >>


BLOG | How We Conducted Tsunami Drills in All Tsunami-prone Schools in the Eastern Visayas

08 November 2018: T“Let’s do it and let’s do it big!” said Ildebrando Bernadas, Disaster Risk Management Officer from the city government of Tacloban, Philippines, when I approached him with the idea to conduct tsunami drills in schools. The Tacloban City Department of Education had a very similar reaction. Read more>>


BLOG | Why Local Wisdom Failed to Save Lives during the last Tsunami?

05 November 2018: The ocean has always been huge part of our lives, bringing both pleasure and fear, opportunities and lessons. In the past, communities along the coast have saved their knowledge about the sea into the stories and songs, including tales about the destructive waves that were triggered by earthquakes. Read more>>


NEWS | World Tsunami Awareness Day 2018: It’s All We Can Do, Be Prepared

02 November 2018: United Nations Developement Programme in Malaysia in collaboration with the National Disaster Management Agency and Ministry of Education conducted the inaugural school tsunami evacuation drills at SK Seri Kuala and SMK Kota Kuala Muda with nearly 1500 students involved, in the area that was hit by the 2004 tsunami. Read more>>


BLOG | Preventing the next disaster

13 October 2018: The heart-rending images from the earthquake-tsunami disaster in Sulawesi, Indonesia brought back the shock and pain of the Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami disaster of 2011 and the Indian Ocean Tsunami disaster of 2004. Working with UNDP India’s Disaster Risk Management team, I had a first-hand experience of the harrowing Indian Ocean Tsunami disaster in 2004. Read more>>


BLOG | Building Resilient Generations through Tsunami Preparedness

13 October 2018: "It was exactly a year ago, I remember vividly. I was trying to avoid getting drenched and lag behind while students from the Aleipata high school outran me quite easily," writes Shairi Mathur, Disaster Risk Reduction Specialist and Tsunami Project Coordinator, UNDP Bangkok Regional Hub. Read more>>


NEWS | Vietnamese television channel promotes disaster drills 

20 September 2018: Vietnamese television channel NetViet produced a program to raise awareness on climate change and disaster preparedness in Vietnamese schools. “Most vulnerable to natural hazards are elderly, disabled and children. It is absolutely critical that children learn about disaster prevention in school,” said Caitlin Wiesen, UNDP Resident Representative in Viet Nam during the live interview. Watch program>>

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NEWS | Japan Highlights Collaboration with UNDP on Tsunami Preparedness in Schools in Asia-Pacific

29 March 2018 - The success of UNDP's project on tsunami preparedness in schools, in Asia and the Pacific, is being acclaimed by the Japanese government in a specially commissioned video. Shown in CNN, the the two-minute film features a evacuation drill in Indonesia. Read more>>



NEWS | Japan Pledges $1.5 million for Tsunami Awareness and Disaster Risk Information in Schools in Asia-Pacific

10 July 2017 - The Government of Japan has committed funding to UNDP to improve disaster risk information and carry out tsunami-awareness programmes and evacuation drills in schools across the Asia-Pacific region. Read more>>


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