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NEWS | Viet Nam to Integrate Disaster Prevention Education into the National School Curriculum

30 August 2018: Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development and the Ministry of Education and Training launched a five-year programme  to strengthen schools’ and students’ preparedness for natural hazards. "This programme will bring disaster preparedness into our schools. Disaster education helps students, teachers and communities work together and make informed decisions on how to respond to natural disasters, minimize possible damages and, thereby, contribute to the Viet Nam’s economic development,” said Nguyen Xuan Cuong, Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development. Read more >>



BLOG | 13 Years Later: Is Thailand Better Prepared for Tsunamis?

21 August 2018: It was my first time to visit Phang Nga in southern Thailand, a province known for its exquisite islands and beautiful beaches near the popular tourist destination of Phuket. "It was hard to imagine that this very same place was submerged with flood water and debris when a tsunami struck the Andaman Sea coast in 2004," writes  Aticha Chaivichian, Tsunami Preparedness project coordinator at UNDP Thailand.  Read more>>


BLOG | In Cambodia and around the World, a Safe Community Starts with a Safe School

13 August 2018: If we are lucky, in our lifetimes we will never experience a disaster. Never know what it is to have our homes and belongings washed away by a flash flood. Never know how it feels to flee an approaching tsunami. Never know what it is to experience, first-hand, a violent cyclone or simply, destructive strong wind. Read more>>


BLOG | Mobile App to Advance Tsunami Warnings in Fiji

14 July 2018: In 2017, the Fiji National Disaster Management Office was approached by UNDP and the Ministry of Education for the conduct of the Tsunami Drill Exercise in five schools along the Suva Peninsula. Writes Anare Leweniqila, Director of National Disaster Management Office in Fiji. Read more>


BLOG | Leave No-one Behind: Why Disability Inclusion Matters

03 July 2018: Asia-Pacific, the world’s most disaster-prone region, is home to 650 million persons with disabilities. Due to their need for both regular and special support, disabled individuals are four times more likely to die in disasters. Read more>>


BLOG | Tsunami Education Vital to Saving Lives in Myanmar

18 June 2018: It was on December 26, 2004, when my friends heard a loud roar from the sea. Intrigued by the sound, they ran to the beach. When they saw a massive wave rushing towards them, it was too late to escape,” recalled U Kan Sein, a Junior Assistant Teacher in Labutta Township, Myanmar. Read more>>


NEWS | Students Can Play an Active Role in Their Own Emergency Response

11 June 2018:   Emergency education and drills held in five tsunami prone schools in Thailand focused on empowering students to take a more active role in tsunami preparedness and response. Read more>>

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NEWS | Japan Highlights Collaboration with UNDP on Tsunami Preparedness in Schools in Asia-Pacific

29 March 2018 - The success of UNDP's project on tsunami preparedness in schools, in Asia and the Pacific, is being acclaimed by the Japanese government in a specially commissioned video. Shown in CNN, the the two-minute film features a evacuation drill in Indonesia. Read more>>



NEWS | Japan Pledges $1.5 million for Tsunami Awareness and Disaster Risk Information in Schools in Asia-Pacific

10 July 2017 - The Government of Japan has committed funding to UNDP to improve disaster risk information and carry out tsunami-awareness programmes and evacuation drills in schools across the Asia-Pacific region. Read more>>


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