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NEWS | Tsunami Ready: Women Spearheading Climate Action in Sri Lanka 

22 February 2019: The 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami claimed the lives of more than thirty-five thousand Sri Lankans and affected more than one million people across the island. It damaged a total of 183 schools, 18 vocational and industrial training institutes and four universities, affecting the studies of nearly 100,000 students across fourteen Coastal Districts. Read more>>



NEWS | Schools on Andaman Coast on Alert with Regular Drills

09 January 2019:  “Tsunami drills need to be conducted regularly since new students are enrolled every year. With nearly 1,000 schools in Thailand at risk, the need to scale up exponentially is a challenge,” said Lovita Ramguttee, UNDP Thailand’s deputy resident representative to The Nation, English-language daily newspaper in Thailand. “Once the tsunami safety guidelines are built into the school system, the sustanablility of actions is guaranteed." Read more>>


VIDEO | UNDP and UNISDR Launch a Video to Promote Inclusion in Tsunami Risk Management

26 December 2018:  Tsunamis do not discriminate when they hit but their impact on vulnerable groups can be harder than on others. 14 years ago today, the Indian ocean tsunami killed 240,000 people, a majority of whom were women and children. The video, produced by UNDP and UNISDR, explains why preparedness, early warning and recovery must include special needs of the elderly, persons living with disabilities, women and children. Read more>>


BLOG | The Waves Were Enormous, We Were Afraid of a Tsunami Attack: Rodney Gimis’ Story

16 December 2018:  “I was among other kids watching a movie out in the field when the Police Officer rushed to us and instructed to run to the hill top because of a tsunami warning. I remember that children and women started to cry and men looked confused because they didn’t know what to do,” 57-year-old Rodney Gimis recounts an event that happened 47 years ago, in 1971, in Sohano island, Papua New Guinea. Read more>>


NEWS | This Is Not Just a Tsunami Drill but a Serious Business

03 December 2018:  Struggling to pick up the pieces following Cyclone Gita, the small Pacific island nation of Tonga focuses on preparing their schools for natural hazards. Hitting  earlier this year, Cyclone Gita caused severe damage throughout Tonga and affected 75 per cent of the population. Building resilience to natural hazards  is among Tonga’s most pressing development challenges. Read more>>


NEWS | UNDP and Save the Children Join Hands to Advance School Safety and Disaster Preparedness in Cambodia

22 November 2018:  In a bid to increase school safety in Cambodia’s most vulnerable communities, UNDP and Save the Children have joined hands in the coastal province of Koh Kong. The collaboration marks a fresh partnership between the two organisations on promoting local school-level disaster preparedness. Read more>>


BLOG | How We Conducted Tsunami Drills in All Tsunami-prone Schools in the Eastern Visayas

08 November 2018: “Let’s do it and let’s do it big!” said Ildebrando Bernadas, Disaster Risk Management Officer from the city government of Tacloban, Philippines, when I approached him with the idea to conduct tsunami drills in schools. The Tacloban City Department of Education had a very similar reaction. Read more>>

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NEWS | Japan Highlights Collaboration with UNDP on Tsunami Preparedness in Schools in Asia-Pacific

29 March 2018 - The success of UNDP's project on tsunami preparedness in schools, in Asia and the Pacific, is being acclaimed by the Japanese government in a specially commissioned video. Shown in CNN, the the two-minute film features a evacuation drill in Indonesia. Read more>>



NEWS | Japan Pledges $1.5 million for Tsunami Awareness and Disaster Risk Information in Schools in Asia-Pacific

10 July 2017 - The Government of Japan has committed funding to UNDP to improve disaster risk information and carry out tsunami-awareness programmes and evacuation drills in schools across the Asia-Pacific region. Read more>>


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