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NEWS | Tsunami Project Phase I:  61,175 Students and Teachers Trained in Tsunami Preparedness

15  April 2019: Between June 2017 and November 2018, the United Nations Development Programme with support from the Government of Japan implemented a regional initiative to strengthen tsunami awareness and preparedness in 18 Asia-Pacific countries. As a result, 61,175 students and teachers participated in 115 evacuation drills and tested their disaster preparedness plans. Read more>>



NEWS | Regional Guide Available for Schools to Prepare for Tsunamis

22 May 2019:  Based on the lessons learnt and good practices under the project, a Regional Guide for Schools to Prepare for Tsunamis has been developed with the purpose of helping tsunami prone schools to sustain and scale up preparedness and evacuation drills. Download >>


NEWS | UNDP and UNISDR Launch a Video to Promote Inclusion in Tsunami Risk Management

26 December 2018:  Tsunamis do not discriminate when they hit but their impact on vulnerable groups can be harder than on others. The video, produced by UNDP and UNISDR, explains why preparedness, early warning and recovery must include special needs of the elderly, persons living with disabilities, women and children. Read more>>


BLOG | Building Resilient Generations through Tsunami Preparedness

13 October 2018: "It was exactly a year ago, I remember vividly. I was trying to avoid getting drenched and lag behind while students from the Aleipata high school outran me quite easily. I would catch up with them under a tented area with signs that read ‘Safe Evacuation Zone’, a good kilometer away from their high school," writes Shairi Mathur, Disaster Risk Reduction Specialist and Tsunami Project Coordinator, UNDP Bangkok Regional Hub on the occasion of the International Day for Disaster Risk Reduction Read more >>



NEWS | Japan Highlights Collaboration with UNDP on Tsunami Awareness in Schools

29 March 2018: The success of UNDP's project on tsunami awareness and preparedness in schools, in Asia and the Pacific, is being acclaimed by the Japanese government in a specially commissioned video. The two-minute film features a tsunami evacuation drill in Aceh, Indonesia. It shows how students are trained to react to a tsunami or earthquake warning, and to get to designated safe zones in an orderly manner. Read more >>



NEWS | UNDP Tsunami Preparedness in Japanese Television to Mark Seven Years from the 2011 East-Japan Tsunami

11 March 2018: On the example of Tonga, the Japanese television channel NHK World News covered the United Nations Development Progreamme's tsunami awareness and preparedness activities in 18 Asia-Pacific countires. Read more >>



NEWS | Seven Years On: Learning from the great East-Japan Earthquake and Tsunami

11 March 2018: March 11 marks seven years since the magnitude 9.0 earthquake struck off the north-east coast of Japan, triggering a devastating tsunami. The waves, which reached as high as 30 meters, killed tens of thousands of people.  Read more >>



NEWS | #90Drills Photos Featured at the World Bosai Forum in Japan

26 November 2017: An interactive #90Drills exhibition at the World Bosai Forum presents 24 of the best photos of tsunami education activities and safety drills from seven Asia-Pacific countries – Indonesia, Maldives, Pakistan, Samoa, Solomon Islands, Tonga and Viet Nam. Read more >>



VIDEO | World Tsunami Awareness Day Builds Resilience Against Disasters

05 November 2017: “The most important aspect of disaster reduction is awareness of tsunami risks, and proper response measures among as many people as possible,” said Satomi Okagaki, Senior Deputy Director, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Government of Japan. Read more>>



BLOG | Facing Destruction and Death: Lessons on how to Survive a Tsunami

05 November 2017: by Haoliang Xu, United Nations Assistant Secretary-General, and Director of UNDP’s Regional Bureau for Asia and the Pacific on World Tsunami Awareness Day. Read more>>



VIDEO | International Cooperation to Reduce Tsunami Risks in Asia-Pacific Countries

01 November 2017: A video summarizing tsunami prevention activities in Asia-Pacific countries was presented at the United Nations’ high-level World Tsunami Awareness Day meeting in New York today. Watch here>>



NEWS | Courtesy Call on Foreign Minister Taro Kono by Mr. Achim Steiner, Administrator for the UNDP

10 August 2017: Foreign Minister Taro Kono received a courtesy call from Mr. Achim Steiner, Administrator of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP). The overview of the courtesy call is as follows. Read More>>



NEWS | Japan Pledges $1.5 million for Tsunami Awareness and Disaster Risk Information in Asia-Pacific

10 July 2017 - The Government of Japan has committed funding to UNDP to improve disaster risk information and carry out tsunami-awareness programmes in schools across the Asia-Pacific region. Read more>>


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