VIDEO | International Cooperation to Reduce Tsunami Risks in Asia-Pacific Countries

Nov 1, 2017

A video summarizing tsunami prevention activities in Asia-Pacific countries was presented at the United Nations’ high-level World Tsunami Awareness Day meeting in New York today. 

The video illustrates the collaboration between the Government of Japan and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) to strengthen school preparedness for tsunamis in Asia-Pacific region. Thus far, the partnership has helped to assess tsunami risks, design emergency procedures and evacuation plans, carry out safety drills, and strengthen awareness in six countries across Asia and the pacific.  

Speaking on the occasion, Ms Amina Mohammed, UN Deputy Secretary-General said, “I welcome the work of the UN undertaken with support from Japan, to boost tsunami awareness throughout the Asia-Pacific region.”

“By working with local officials across 18 countries, in particular with school children, the programme is helping to increase knowledge of risks, to prepare evacuation plans, and to hold tsunami drills,” said Mohammed.

Ms Amina Mohammed, UN Deputy Secretary-General welcomes the #90Drills initiative in 18 Asia-Pacific countries
Ms Shairi Mathur (left), DRR specialist at UNDP Asia-Pacific introduces a #90drills video to Mr Koro Bessho (right), the Japanese Permanent Representative to the UN.

Mr. Koro Bessho, the Japanese Permanent Representative to the UN said that especially young children and students need to be encouraged to learn about the tsunami risks and practice prevention measures.

"In Japan, we regularly conduct evacuation drills to increase tsunami preparedness and believe such effort would be a rewarding experience for many countries around the world,” said Mr. Bessho, the Japanese Permanent Representative to the UN.

Bessho added that Japan continues to actively participate in international cooperation to prevent and reduce the damage caused by a tsunami.

At the World Tsunami Awareness Day event, Mr Achim Steiner meeting representatives of the Fujitsu Global
Mr. Bessho, Japanese Permanent Representative to the UN confirms Japan’s support to tsunami preparedness.

“UNDP very much appreciates our partnership with Japan on disaster risk reduction, as well as our history of collaboration with UNISDR, Fujitsu and Tohoku University,” said Mr Achim Steiner, UNDP Administrator.

“On a broader scale, UNDP has been working with our partners in Indonesia to design a tsunami risk database that will provide critical information to policy makers and practitioners, resulting in better, more resilient and risk-informed development. Similar measures are ongoing across countries in the region with the support of Tohoku University and Fujitsu Ltd.,” said Steiner. 

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