UNDP has been driving for innovation in the development arena. We recognise that in an increasingly complex world where development challenges are continuously emerging and changing, there is an urgent need to move away from business as usual and respond with agile and flexible solutions.

From human-centred design to improve service delivery to strategic foresight that enhances planning processes; from innovation labs that incubate and test ideas to behavioural insights and user led designs that create citizen-government feedback loops, our innovations represent the next generation of development solutions. 



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UNDP Sri Lanka launches the first Government Innovation Lab

The Innovation Lab will be equipped to test development solution to ensure they are future proof before national rollout and facilitate to create an environment that is conducive to looking at problems from different perspectives and deliver new and sustainable development solutions more 

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UNDP India’s smart mobile application wins the GSMA Asia Mobile Award 2017

The Electronic Vaccine Intelligence Network, or eVIN, is an online real-time vaccine logistics management system developed and implemented by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare and UNDP. The path-breaking technological innovation aims to ensure equity through efficient distribution and timely availability of vaccines more 

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iData Update: UNDP Nepal combines data and behavioural science

With the support of the iData Studio at BRH and Innovation Facility, UNDP Nepal discuss their innovative methodology aimed to encourage communities to invest in safer homes from earthquakes more 

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UNDP Indonesia explores the potential of Islamic finance

With assets expected to exceed $3 trillion by 2020, Islamic finance can play an important role in helping to fill the financing gap to achieve the SDGs. With financing SDGs estimated to cost up to $7 trillion annually, it’s become apparent that governments and development stakeholders cannot do this alone more 

UNDP Sri Lanka and Maldives shortlisted for GovInsider Innovation Awards

UNDP Sri Lanka’s Youth Leads Programme was shortlisted for the ‘Best Team Under 35’ awards. UNDP Maldive’s project using drones to create 3D risk maps for disaster risk reducation wins ‘Best Drones and Robotics Project’ awardmore 

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Thailand Social Innovation Platform partners with the Government Innovation Lab

The Thailand Social Innovation Platform (TSIP) partnered with the Office of the Public Sector Development Commission in setting up its Government Innovation Lab (GovLab). TSIP organised design-thinking workshops for government officials for improved services more 

Winners for the Big Ideas Competition for Climate Action using data innovation announced

UNDP RBAP supported a competition for data-driven ideas to combat effects of climate change with Global Pulse and the Government of Republic of Korea more 

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The Geek for Good Open Design Challenge

The Geek for Good Open Design Challenge co-hosted with Baidu and China Academy of Science called for people across the country and across the age to put forward their innovative solutions and to leverage cutting-edge technology and the UN’s development expertise to focus on promoting sustainable development in China more 




Featured projects

  • Nepal: Idea Factory empowers micro entrepreneurship

    Idea Factory Nepal is a technology solution catered especially for the Micro Entrepreneurs (MEs) across the country. With the sole motive of empowering the MEs and broadening the scope of their hard work, the Idea Factory offers a web based solution decomposed into the ‘Nepali.Market’ and ‘IdeaStoreNepal’.more 

  • Bangladesh: Bus Data for Dhaka

    Traffic congestion is a huge issue in Dhaka, the capital city of Bangladesh, and the reliability of public transportation is one of the biggest concerns of commuters. Soon, a smartphone mobile app called "GoTraffic" will tell citizens in Dhaka who take buses how long it will take to travel to their destination. more 

  • Sri Lanka: Unlocking the potential of youth

    Combining the youth and innovations work, UNDP Sri Lanka has launched an online blog space for young Sri Lankans to raise their voice, and also hosted two social innovation hackathons where hundreds technologically savvy young Sri Lankans met up to develop creative solutions for social problems.more 

  • Bhutan: Bringing Parliament to People - virtually

    In Bhutan, UNDP, together with government partners, is developing a Virtual Zomdu (a meeting of residents of villages) based on video conferencing technology, in order to connect parliamentarians and citizens across the mountainous terrains of the country. Virtual Zomdus would provide an opportunity for constituents to find out about the work of their representatives in parliament and share their views and priorities.more 

  • Papua New Guinea: Phones against corruption

    Corruption has severely impacted and derailed the development of Papua New Guinea, but the “Phones Against Corruption” initiative has made anonymous revealation of corrupt practices possible: two public officials have been arrested for fund mismanagement of more than 2 million US dollars, and five more are waiting for court decisions, and approximately other 250 cases are being investigated. more 

  • Indonesia: One-stop web application to deliver service

    "One Click Web System" is an integrated business solution to speed up the delivery of common services of UNDP Indonesia. Featuring functions like online request system, automated billing, service tracking, online feedback form etc, it has significantly improved productivity since implementation. more 

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