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What is FairBiz?

FairBiz is the UNDP’s project for “Promoting a Fair Business Environment in ASEAN”, funded by the UK Government, the ASEAN Economic Reform Programme.

We believe that countries can only achieve their full socio-economic potential if there’s a governance environment that enables all businesses to flourish, fairly and with integrity.

We bring together stakeholders from government, the private sector and CSOs in ASEAN to co-create that environment, supported by technical expertise and other resources.

We work in Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, The Philippines, Thailand and Viet Nam.

Learn more about what we do in the FairBiz integrity Hub brochure and about have achieved so far in our midterm progress report.

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What we do

Objective 1

so that ASEAN countries can share knowledge of contextually relevant solutions

Figure of Justice holding scales and a sword

including laws that are equitably and efficiently implemented

Objective 3

aligned with international standards

Objective 4

that foster a culture of strong corporate governance within local companies

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FairBiz is a partnership between UNDP and the UK Government, the ASEAN Economic Reform Programme.