Asia’s Hindu Kush-Himalayan mountain ranges could lose up to two thirds of its ice by 2100, causing water and food shortages for over two billion people
In just one week, Bhutan successfully rolled out the second dose of its national COVID-19 vaccine campaign to more than 60 percent of its population.
As wealthy countries expand their vaccination programmes and begin to emerge from lockdown has hit South Asia.
Global Value Chains (GVCs) may have experienced a setback during the early phases of the pandemic, but it seems premature to diagnose a wholesale failure of the system.
UNDP explores the possibilities and limitations of digital development's newest trend.
UNDP has helped support the smooth roll-out of the CoWIN (Winning over COVID) software across all 36 states and Union Territories in India.
How can we design development programs that respond adaptively to this reality. Cambodia's Resilience Fund offers some insights.

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An earthquake shattered millions of lives in Nepal, UNDP is working to help people recover and rebuild stronger.

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