The Future is Asian, but Corruption Keeps it Mired in the Past

The Asia-Pacific region continues to be the most dynamic of the global economy with sustained economic growth, investment and trade. This represents a…

Myanmar’s Corruption Prevention Units

In Myanmar, poverty prevalence was reduced by half from 48.2 percent in 2005 to 24.8 percent in 2017. Combating corruption, which has reduced leakages of the public purse, has also improved as…  

Promoting the human rights of people with disabilities

Like all of us, persons with disabilities enjoy the universal human rights to knowledge, education, employment, political, and social and economic participation in society – with dignity and without…  

Making a Dent: Plastic Waste and Circular Economies

A new UNDP and Alberta Energy initiative is exploring how a different way of thinking, informed by systemic design, and spanning two continents, might be able to accelerate progress on the waste…  

Telling stories and changing lives

In 2017 ISIS-affiliated groups attacked the city of Marawi, the Philippines. How can we stop violent extremism?  

Women in Innovation: Far More than a Matter of Achieving Gender Equity

Innovation, private sector, and gender are three words commonly used when we are talking about business in the private sector, with a sustainable development approach.  

Enabling the workforce with digital talent – making our Digital Strategy count

With the launch of UNDP’s Digital Strategy early this year, the Bangkok Hub decided to focus on Digitalization – the use of digital technologies to change our ways of working, including creating new…  

Why we're investing in women-owned businesses in the slums of Bangladesh

The litmus test is whether businesses can sustain beyond their seed funding. So far, we’re seeing over 60% of the participants continue their business after the initial six months.  

How can we accelerate the effects of portfolios of development projects?

After 8 months of road testing in around 15 country offices mainly in Asia Pacific (but also Africa and Eastern Europe) last week we released UNDP’s sensemaking and acceleration protocol.  

Making us green, we hope, without envy

The cutdown of paper use, energy consumption, and time saving itself brings together staggering savings, which will have impact within the region and beyond.  

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