Democratic Governance

and Peacebuilding

Responsive and Accountable Institutions

Flowing from the integrated governance and peacebuilding agenda that is at the heart of the Strategic Plan 2014-17, UNDP supports partners in the building of responsive and accountable institutions at all levels of government.

This work is central to ensuring that development is both effective and sustainable for citizens. By supporting member states to deliver quality services, improve accountability and expand the opportunities for inclusive economic and social progress, UNDP builds resilience to crisis and reinforces the dynamic relationship between State and the people, at all levels of society.

In fragile settings, UNDP helps governments and citizens to gain control of the recovery and peacebuilding process through support to the restoration of core functions of the state -- from rapid support to civil service and center of government capacity to aid management and extension of local government – UNDP supports partners to restore the basic capacities required to make and enact policy through state institutions.

UNDP works to improve the capacities of local governments to meet their statutory obligations for delivering public services, investing in local development and preserving social peace. UNDP recognizes local governance as the most accessible level of engagement with public authority and works with local authorities and civil society to involve communities in deciding on priorities for local development and, in crisis-affected situations, for a sustainable recovery.

In the area of anti-corruption, UNDP contributes to expanding the policy and normative agenda for tackling corruption and helps societies adhere to higher international standards. UNDP supports government to integrate transparency, accountability and a culture of integrity into the delivery of services including education, health and water, and in post-conflict reconstruction.

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