Innovation for development is about identifying more effective solutions that add value for the people affected by development challenges – people and their governments, our users and clients. For example, new approaches include setting up innovation labs with governments to re-design public service delivery; embracing data innovation to implement and monitor the SDGs; exploring emerging and alternative sources of financing to deepen and diversify the resourcing and implementation of the SDGs, from social impact bonds to pay-for-success and crowdfunding avenues or using behavioural insights to facilitate policy-making.

Innovation to promote financial inclusion and empower women.
Innovative approach to nudge people to change behaviors and solve environmental problem
Innovation to help recovery from disaster and build resilience
Innovation to strengthen healthcare system

Regional Innovation Centre Asia-Pacific

UNDP Asia-Pacific has leveraged innovation to generate new development responses and robust development solutions, and unlock partnerships with governments, the private sector, academia and innovation networks. It established Regional Innovation Centre in Thailand in 2018 to spearhead institutionalization of the new way of solving development issues, provide a safe space to test development solutions through portfolios of policy experiments, and innovative culture that would help UNDP, governments and other partners be on the front foot of spotting, understanding and integrating new development approaches into their work. The Center aims to provide a new momentum to its innovation efforts and include them in system transformation approaches.
Currently, the Centre focuses its suport on:

  • Circular Economy
  • Data for Policy
  • Digital Transformations
  • Government Innovation
  • Inclusive Innovation
  • Portfolio Sensemaking and Acceleration  


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